Taking a drop for better NLU!! Is it a good idea?

Taking a drop for better NLU!! Is it a good idea?

I have come to notice that lot of law aspirants taking a drop because they are not able to make it to the Top NLUs or the top law colleges of India. Thus, I have been wondering whether it is a good idea to do so or will that hurt the student’s career in a way that he/she may not realize it right now. I have even met students who have taken drop for 3 years.

I consider taking a drop is a very bad idea and it can hurt a student’s career in a bad way.

Here are some of the reasons why you should not take a drop:

  1. You never know how much you will be able to score next year; it is like shooting an arrow in dark.
  2. To the maximum, you can improve up to 10 to 15 marks. I say this because the syllabus of is not huge and extensive as JEE. So generally if you got 50 marks this year you will be able to score 70 next year but that will not be enough. However, there can be exceptions.
  3. The number of students appearing for CLAT is increasing every year. Hence, you will get tough competition each year.
  4. You will lose one year of practical experience that you can get after graduation. Even if you do free internships for a year after graduation you will get valuable experience that will help you in placements more than an NLU tag.
  5. All competitive exams like UPSC or Judiciary have an upper age limit and you would have one less shot at those exams if you drop a year.
  6. Ultimately, your knowledge will count and not your university. There are students from 3 tier law colleges who get placed on top law firms.

Many times CLAT coaching institutes encourage students to take a drop specially those who have done a crash course and very tactfully convert them to a full year student so that they can generate more revenue.

Actually, taking a drop involves a huge risk and that risk involves career of a hard working student. One should take a risk but it should be a calculated risk with some options to back you up if you fail again, therefore I suggest to all law aspirants to take admission in a private law college and work hard. Ultimately, you will be placed if you have it in you and if you will be able to demonstrate your knowledge and legal skills to the recruiter. Even if you want to appear for CLAT again do it after taking admission in a law college so that you will be on safe side even if you are not able to crack CLAT at second attempt.

All the best.

Rhishikesh Dave

Dean, Faculty of Law

Marwadi University

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