M.Tech vs MBA: Which Course will Help You Build a Rewarding Career?

M.Tech vs MBA: Which Course will Help You Build a Rewarding Career?

A question that makes most engineering students scratch their heads is whether they should choose M. Tech or MBA. Generally, engineering students nearing the end of undergraduate study find it troublesome to take the next step of choosing an MBA or M. Tech career.

Both M. Tech and MBA follow different trajectories in terms of the skill-set and career transitions it confers students with. While M. Tech imparts you with technical expertise and advanced knowledge in engineering, MBA enriches students with learning in business and management.

When chosen accurately with the relevant preference in mind, both M. Tech or MBA can help you build a rewarding career with great career options it offers.

Know more about M. Tech vs MBA and which one will help you build a fulfilling career here in this post!


M.Tech vs MBA: Introduction

When you complete your undergraduate engineering study, you get a B. Tech degree, which formally makes you an engineer. B. Tech degree offers great job opportunities to engineering graduates. However, a good number of students consider going for postgraduate studies after receiving their B. Tech degree. When we talk about higher education after B. Tech, M. Tech and MBA both are considered as the best postgraduate courses.

Any company would require an M. Tech and MBA graduate to work in the higher positions. While an M. Tech graduate would have technical skills to control technical applications and decisions of the company, an MBA graduate would manage everything related to management. Since both degrees are of paramount importance in the corporate environment, there stands to be a dilemma amongst students between M. Tech and MBA courses.


M.Tech vs MBA: Course Overview

Both M. Tech and MBA are postgraduate degree courses having a 2-years duration. For M. Tech, students need to clear the GATE entrance examination, and for MBA, students need to clear entrance examinations like CAT. Beneath is a brief discussion about the courses.

M.Tech is the course for engineers willing to upgrade their knowledge in the technical aspect. In B. Tech, you study many subjects, and one subject out of these becomes your main specialization in M.Tech. M. Tech imparts you both conceptual and practical cognizance in the chosen engineering area. For M. Tech, you need an undergraduate degree like B. Tech, B.Arch., B.E. etc.

An MBA course is all about the study of business management. MBA helps accelerate your career since it works as an excellent base for learning business in the current fast-growing business world. The programme teaches you essential concepts and applications required in the management domain. For MBA, you need undergraduate degrees like BBA, B. Com, B. Tech and so on.


M.Tech vs MBA: Career Opportunities

One of the main reasons the higher number of students opt for an MBA over M. Tech is the higher salary the former offers. Although, job-seekers with an M. Tech degree receive good pay when got employment in well-known companies. MBA graduates can work in MNCs, start-ups, financial or banking firms or start their business. At the same time, an M. Tech graduate can further pursue a PhD and work as a professor.


Career Opportunities after M. Tech: 

  • Academics
  • Government Job
  • Corporate Jobs
  • Pursue PhD
  • IT Sector
  • Testing, Implementation, and Maintenance


Career Opportunities after MBA: 

  • Finance and Banking
  • Consultancy Services
  • Data Analytics
  • Investment Banking
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Corporate Jobs


M.Tech vs MBA: Which One Should You Choose? 

So, the answer to whether MBA would be perfect for you or M. Tech entirely depends upon your interest and skills.

MBA can be a good option if you are interested in studying business management, do not wish to work in the technical domain, are interested in finance, banking etc., want to become a business person, like networking and more.

M.Tech can be a good option if you have technical skills, wish to further go for a PhD, are passionate about a specific engineering specialization, want to become an academician or research and development is something you like.


Except for technical expertise, an MBA moulds your personality, makes you ready to work in the industry in every way and widens your career scope. However, if technical knowledge is something you are fond of, go for M. Tech – it also presents good career opportunities.

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