Discover world-class infrastructure offered by Marwadi University

Discover world-class infrastructure offered by Marwadi University

Educational institutes are an abode to students. In these institutes, many young minds grow, nurture, and eventually develop themselves to become respectable citizens in society. These citizens shape the society and the world. For the vital role they play, these institutes play a major role.

Understanding the importance of this role, we have a world-class infrastructure at Marwadi University. Our 22 acres campus which hosts more than 7000 students who come from various parts of the country and abroad has been built to match the global standards of education. This also makes our campus, a culturally diverse campus – one of a kind in Gujarat. We are yet to acquire another 50 acres of land.

Our infrastructure comprises of the institute building, classrooms, sports classrooms, library, canteen, etc.

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Apart from College canteen, students spend their maximum time in classrooms attending the lectures. To ensure that students don’t find these walls limiting and to encourage curiosity, at Marwadi University, we have designed our classrooms in a theatre-type style. These classrooms make discussions interactive as students face their professors directly without any hindrances. It also enables professors to understand every student well and discover their strengths and weaknesses.

Apart from this, these classrooms also have ICT (Information and Communications Technology)-enabled infrastructure, making it modern and useful for students.

MU Classroom

A full-fledged sports complex:

Sports form an integral part of a student’s life. Whether you enjoy it or not, you must always spare some time to play sports. It gives you a break from your hectic routine and builds a healthy mental and physical health. Furthermore, it inculcates good attributes such as team-spirit, positive thinking, hard work, concentration, etc.

Thus, one of the top universities of Gujarat, our Marwadi University provides a full-fledged sporting facility on the campus. Our sports complex is spread over 4-acres of land and has facilities for Cricket, Hockey, Soccer, Volleyball, Badminton, Tennis, and Table tennis. Along with this, we also have a lake-side track for walking and jogging. The students who want to build good health can always enjoy the lake-side walk and jog.

MU Sport club

Research enthusiasts – cheer up!

If you have interest in research, our Marwadi University provides an amazing opportunity to carry it out. We have well-equipped laboratories with equipment major game players like Bosch and IBM. Details of some of our labs are given as below:

  • Mechatronics lab: Our Mechatronics lab has been built on an outlay of Rs. 3 crore which is one of a kind in Gujarat. It has state of the art facilities for control, system dynamics, and design challenges associated with the fields of nanotechnology, biotechnology, and robotics.

MU Robotics class

  • CNC/VMC lab: Our VMC lab has 9 signature heads with industry-grade equipment and latest VMC machine.
  • Bosch lab: Our ultramodern Bosch lab has been built in association with Bosch Roxorth. It imparts training to under-graduate, post-graduate, polytechnic, and vocational students.


A well-equipped library is the heart of an educational institute. It not only helps the students to widen their knowledge but also helps them discover and cultivate their interests. For the students who visit it regularly, this place becomes a medium to enhance their intellectual knowledge.

The library of our Marwadi University is a Guinness Book Record winner library with over 50,000 books. It is fully equipped with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Device) technology and has a specially devised and designed – Self KIOSK for self Check-in and Check-out system for efficiency. We also have our e-resource laboratory with about 60 computer systems with the latest configuration to assist online research and resources. This adds to its modern infrastructure. Students can access our online library as well.

MU Library


This is one of the most exciting places in an educational institute. Here, ideas, friendships, and memories develop which stay with students like you for a long time. Also, it is where students like to spend their leisure time and forget their worries for a while.

Thinking of this, we have built a huge canteen at our University which can host up to 300 students at a time. Here, students are served breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner at a minimal price. The food is fresh and hygiene is given a major priority.

We have made arrangements for boys and girls to dine separately. Discipline is maintained irrespective of the huge crowd.

Furthermore, we also have a food plaza near the Amphitheatre. This place is closer to the canteen as well.

MU Infrastructure

Apart from this infrastructure, we also have beautiful hostel buildings, separate for boys and girls, an auditorium, a medical room, banking facilities inside the campus, etc. All these facilities ensure that our students feel home and gain world-class education to become able citizens of our society.

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