MCA vs. M.Sc. IT: Which one is a better course?

MCA vs. M.Sc. IT: Which one is a better course?

One of the most asked questions among IT aspirants is, which course should I pursue – Master of Computer Application (MCA) or Master of Science in Information Technology( M.Sc. IT)? Both of these courses are very popular in the Computer and IT industry. And to build a rewarding career, it is vital to make a careful choice on, which of this course to pursue. So, to get clarity and better understanding, let us know the difference between these courses.

MCA vs. M.Sc. IT: Course Details 

MCA is a 2-year postgraduate course, generally pursued after BCA. MCA concentrates on computer application and software skills development in the field of computers. The course covers diverse topics in regards to programming and designing. The main focus of this course is to expand application software.

Through this course, students will get equipped with in-depth knowledge of data processing, system and web designing, web solutions, software development, application development etc.

Pursued after B.Sc. IT, M. Sc. IT is a 2-year postgraduate course. It advances the knowledge of students in the technical and theoretical aspects of Information Technology. The course aims to create skilled professionals who can adapt to changes in the growing IT sector, and carry out research in the field. M.Sc. IT syllabus is more or less similar to MCA syllabus.


MCA vs. M.Sc. IT: Career Scope

MCA will help students with excellent career opportunities in the software industry. Also, MCA will help students get a good job in the IT sector as well. To keep a note, some engineers, also opt for MCA because of the lucrative career opportunities one can take after getting the degree. The programming language, IT skills and training are all taught in this course, so an aspirant can get a technical exposure in the field.

Did you know the IT sector has been growing at a rate of 10 per cent in India? IT sector is one of the highest employment sectors in India and will remain in future as well. So, a degree in M.Sc. IT will definitely assure a good career. Research and development, teaching or IT sector, one can build a career in any of these options after pursuing M.Sc. IT.


MCA vs. M.Sc. IT: Job Opportunities

Some of the jobs an MCA degree holder can look for in organizations are:

  • Software Engineer
  • System Analyst
  • Software Consultant
  • Quality Assurance Engineer
  • Web Designer and Developer
  • Network Engineer
  • Database Administrator
  • Programmer etc.

Some of the jobs an M.Sc. IT degree holder can look for in organizations are:

  • Network Administrator
  • Web Developer
  • IT Consultant
  • Security Agencies
  • Security Expert
  • Computer Programmer
  • Interface Engineer
  • Tracker
  • Systems Support Administrator
  • Software Engineer

MCA vs. M.Sc. IT: Which One to Choose?

And here we come to the final part, where all of us expect an answer to the most asked question – Which course to choose MCA or M.Sc. IT? As a result, after going through both the courses, we can build an opinion that both provide us with great job opportunities in excess. MCA is a more specific course and M.Sc.IT facilitates a broader study on Information Technology.

If working in the corporate environment is what you are looking for, then MCA works well. However, if research or teaching is your area of interest, then go for M.Sc. IT. So, the final answer depends upon the path you wish to follow in alignment with your interest area.

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