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India, since the time of independence, has achieved laurels in many profound fields. The nation has united along with the government to help it succeed over various platforms. Whether it is Indian economy, all-armed forces, industries, agricultures, stock-exchange or even space missions, India leads the world in such fairs. The country is handed over to Nobel laureates that stand firmly at the forefront of their field of expertise. But what about the areas where the youth takes over the power to change the manner of running the entire culture? The megacities have begun facing some critical issues making it difficult for the people to reside in, with the rapid urbanization. In the decade of modern times, people are even more oriented towards bringing change in the society and the way in which it is being carried forwarded. The youthful power has the strength to solve the day to day life problems residing inside the society. Understanding such issues and working in the direction to resolve them purifies our nation and nourishes it even more deeply. The Government of India, headed by Our Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi believes visualizes that India can have an attire of a perfect nation when the youth leads it.


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Harsh Jethani

Traffic signals should be activated in all the areas, People should be punished for spitting in the public place, dustbins should be available at all shops in the city.

Mehul M. Joshi

There should good roads and drainage system in the city. We should construct borewell to collect the rainwater. Meter gauge to broad gauge railway changes for Saurashtra.

Imran Charanya

Traffic police should work, GST effected currency, it should close, There should be trained workers and people in govt offices. Effective faculties should be selected for the student.

Aakash M. Kubavat

Tree plantation on both sides of the roads. Dustbins should be placed on definite distance. Solar power plant should be increased. One different subject should be for children so that they can understand moral responsibility.

Vanmadi Sagar

Application for water supply and electricity reducing the price, if not then strike must be conducted, because govt. and the country should know about it and proper actions must be carried on.

Hetvi shah

Schools should introduce such courses that develop the spirit of self-discipline in students. Zebra crossing must be on every speed breakers. GPS system should be connected with every traffic signals.