Moot Court Competition – What it is and Reasons Why it is Important?

Moot Court Competition – What it is and Reasons Why it is Important?

For law students, moot court is the most exciting and integral facet of their legal education. A moot court competition benefits learners by making their work easier and better and them more confident for their real-life experience in a courtroom.

Moot court competition will help first-year law students instil the most sought-after skills that will help them succeed in their legal careers. Students enrolled in the LLB course or 5-year integrated courses like the BA LLB or BCom LLB course can partake in the moot court competition.

Let’s move forward to understand what is a moot court competition in India and the importance of mooting.

What is a Moot Court Competition?

The mooting culture started way back in 1981, and ever since, it is used as an effective tool of influential advocacy for training lawyers for future generations. A moot court refers to a look-alike set-up of real court proceedings.

The primary rationale behind moot court competitions is to create awareness amongst students about the court proceedings related to disputes between parties. Moreover, a moot court competition also helps students understand the proper code of conduct, the importance of using formal language and the dress code.

Generally, moot courts have two teams, namely Defendants and Respondents. The mooting provides a hypothetical case for both teams. Next, both teams will research the case given and present their arguments.

Mooting is not similar to public speaking or debating; moot courts are more interactive, and there is cross-questioning. These competitions are mostly held in law schools that want to be lawyers, judges, or arbitrators.

Reasons Why Mooting is Important: 

Build your Network

One of the best things about moot court competitions is that you get to meet and connect with numerous people from the world who work in the same field as yours. Many students that belong to different law schools and institutions represent themselves. This offers an opportunity for all law students to connect to their peers from different institutes.

Boosts Confidence

While you brainstorm to put your viewpoints in a moot court, you also boost your confidence while presenting your perspectives and articulating in front of the crowd. It aims to strengthen a person’s confidence so that they are not reluctant to challenge or speak in front of everyone and can successfully fight cases.

Practical Exposure

Well, it’s always better to learn from an experience rather than a book. Moot courts help students acquire knowledge and experiential learning in law that you will not find in books. You will have to gain both theoretical and practical learning in your legal career. While studying a law course, you will be brushing up on your theoretical concepts more than ever, and with moot court competitions, your hands-on experience will be taken care of.

Ability to Research Well

Because students will put their stance in the case and defend their side depending on the research they have conducted, participating in a moot court will help law students sharpen their research ability. Moreover, you will prepare a moot court memorial that the opposition will interrogate. When you have faced such situations already, you become adaptable and calm to face uncomfortable circumstances in future.

Team Work

Moot court competitions take place in the university or college that organises them, and teams from various colleges attend and participate. This teaches students how to perform well as a team and analyse their strengths and weaknesses, as well as how to work on them to achieve utmost efficiency.

2nd National Moot Court Competition – 2022 by Marwadi University: 

After its thriving 1st edition, Marwadi University has come up again with its 2nd National Moot Court Competition – 2022, from 29th April 2022 to 1st May 2022. With this Moot Court Competition, aspiring lawyers can improve their legal proficiency.

Aspiring lawyers get a platform like no other with this moot court that will enable them to improve their confidence, build a network and incorporate analytical abilities that help in real-life situations. The purpose of a moot court competition is to engage with students and offer them a hands-on learning experience of the complexities of the law.

Participate in the Moot Court Competition held by Marwadi University. Hurry and grab the opportunity – registrations are open till 10th April!

Visit Moot Court Competition page to get more information and to register yourself.

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