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M.Phil is a research oriented course, which is done after Masters in English Literature. In this course the students do advanced research study of literature. The course is suitable for those who wish to do their thesis in English Literature with adequate training in research methodology in literature and language pedagogy. This course imparts highly intellectual and scholarly knowledge to students. The faculty guides the students through their research and development and with their dissertations. This course is a very reputed and prominent.


Two semesters of this course are devoted to classroom Study where the students will be taught subjects like Research Methodology, Introduction to Literary Theory, Renaissance Studies, Life, Literature and Thought in the Eighteenth Century , Texts of Modernism, Continental Fiction, Indian Writing in English, Indian Writing in English, Post-Theory, 21st Century Nobel Laureates in Literature, Literature, Caste and Race etc. During the third semester, the students will make their final dissertation in which they will be guided by their professors. A dissertation is then submitted for evaluation. The course requires lots of hard work and smart research.


Pursuing MPhil hones the critical, analytical, research and writing skills of the students. These skills allow the students to take up various reputed academic jobs related to research, writing, and creativity. Doing this course opens up various job opportunities like:

  • Assistant Professor
  • Research Associate: employed by firms to do research works and do research papers
  • Writer
  • Advertising
  • Editor
  • Publishing Assistant: responsible for editing, proofreading, formatting etc.
  • Subject Matter Expert

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