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Application of mathematics on complex problems of every domain proves to be the most helpful and accurate tool for engineers and professionals. Mathematics helps to drive in futuristic decisions from ancient data by applying data collection, analysis and formulating processes. Marwadi University- The Top M.Sc. Mathematics College in Rajkot is one of the popular institutions for M.Sc. Mathematics. The mission of the institute is to produce mathematicians and scientists who would have wide understanding of mathematical concepts and experience in implementing them to produce solutions for complex mathematical problems. The institute offers this two years program with the following objectives:

  • Developing mathematical and reasoning abilities of students and making it acute and abstract.
  • Making students comfortable with mathematics and teaching the formulation processes in an easy to understand manner.
  • Improving the decision making of students by demonstrating real situations.
  • To make students innovative so that they can devise new formulations for problem solving on the basis of existing ones
  • To cultivate the thoughts and reasoning at professional level in the minds of students.
  • To make students the independent and effective learners.
  • To inspire students to work in groups so that they can achieve true results in quick time

Scope of

  • In the field of insurance sector as a actuarial analyst or officer.
  • As an officer in public sector and private sector banks and NBFC.
  • In field of teaching as an Assistant professor at graduate and diploma level.
  • In the field of research as a individual or PHD research scholor.
  • Other Organisations and companies such as TCS, LIC, INDIAN AIR-FORCE, INDIAN-NEAVY, ETC


  • An ability to apply knowledge of mathematics as a basic science in solving all real life and industry problems.
  • An ability to apply mathematical knowledge to be successful in national level examinations such as NET, GATE etc.
  • An ability to apply basic tools of algebra and trigonometry to solve a calculative problem related to concern branches of engineering and sciences.
  • An ability to create a mathematical model of industry related problems and finding the relevant solution.
  • The keen learning of Mathematical Science is a path to understand the impact of Industry problem’s solutions in a global, economic and eco-friendly context.
  • An ability to engage in research in the field of pure or applied mathematics  and to involve in life-long learning
  • An ability to apply mathematical skills in various competitive examinations for employment and higher studies.
  • An ability to generalize any calculative or graphical problems using various mathematical tools such a MATLAB, LINGO etc.


At least 50% in Graduate Science Stream

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Semester I
Serial No.Course CodeCourseCreditsSyllabus
102MA0401Complex Analysis5View
202MA0402Graph theory5View
302MA0403Optimization Techniques5
402MA0404Real Analysis-I5
Semester II
Serial No.Course CodeCourseCreditsSyllabus
102MA0451Abstract Algebra5
202MA0452Differential Equations5
302MA0453Number Theory5View
402MA0454Numerical Analysis with MATLAB Programming5
502MA0455Real Analysis-II5View
Semester III
Serial No.Course CodeCourseCreditsSyllabus
102MA0501Calculus of Variation and Integral Equations5View
202MA0502Classical Mechanics5View
302MA0503Financial Mathematics5View
402MA0504Linear Algebra5View
502MA0505Special Functions-I5View
Semester IV
Serial No.Course CodeCourseCredits
102MA0551Functional Analysis5
202MA0552General theory of Relativity5
302MA0553Image Processing and Fuzzy logic using MATLAB5
402MA0554Problems and Solution5
502MA0555Special Functions-II5

Teaching Scheme

Semester I
Subject CodeSubject NameTypeTeaching Scheme (Hours)CreditsTheory MarksTutorial/ Practical MarksTotal Marks
TheoryTutorialPracticalESE(E)Mid Sem (M)Internal(I)Viva (V)Term work (TW)
02MA0401Complex AnalysisBS42055030202525150
02MA0402Graph theoryBS42055030202525150
02MA0403Optimization TechniquesBS42055030202525150
02MA0404Real Analysis-IBS42055030202525150
Semester II
Subject CodeSubject NameTypeTeaching Scheme (Hours)CreditsTheory MarksTutorial/ Practical MarksTotal Marks
TheoryTutorialPracticalESE(E)Mid Sem (M)Internal(I)Viva (V)Term work (TW)
02MA0451Abstract algebraBS42055030202525150
02MA0452Differential EquationsBS42055030202525150
02MA0453Numerical Analysis with MATLAB ProgrammingBS42055030202525150
02MA0454Number TheoryBS42055030202525150
02MA0455Real Analysis-IIBS42055030202525150
Semester III
Subject CodeSubject NameTypeTeaching Scheme (Hours)CreditsTheory MarksTutorial/ Practical MarksTotal Marks
TheoryTutorialPracticalESE(E)Mid Sem (M)Internal(I)Viva (V)Term work (TW)
02MA0501Calculus of Variation and Integral EquationsBS42055030202525150
02MA0502Classical MechanicsBS42055030202525150
02MA0503Financial MathematicsBS42055030202525150
02MA0504Linear AlgebraBS42055030202525150
02MA0505Special Functions-IBS42055030202525150
Semester IV
Subject CodeSubject NameTypeTeaching Scheme (Hours)CreditsTheory MarksTutorial/ Practical MarksTotal Marks
TheoryTutorialPracticalESE(E)Mid Sem (M)Internal(I)Viva (V)Term work (TW)
02MA0551Functional AnalysisBS42055030202525150
02MA0552Special theory of RelativityBS42055030202525150
02MA0553Image Processing and Fuzzy logic  using MATLABBS40255030202525150
02MA0554Problems and SolutionBS42055030202525150
02MA0555Special Functions-IIBS4205