Object Oriented Programming with C#.NET and Web Application Development with ASP.NET

Object Oriented Programming with C#.NET and Web Application Development with ASP.NET

Understanding the architectural features of MS .NET Framework
Learning Object Oriented Features with Core Application Development using C#.NET language
Developing visual applications for small to large level of enterprises
Using different controls to make rich web UI
Using different ADO.NET controls in Web Applications
Creating Secure Web Applications
Developing Web Services

Course Duration Course Fees
180 hours 3000(per level)


Basic of computer programming

Course Content

Overview of the Microsoft .NET Platform

Overview of

Using Value-Type Variables

Statements and Exceptions

Methods and Parameters


Essentials of Object- Oriented Programming



Creating and Destroying Objects

Inheritance in

Aggregation, Namespaces,
and Advanced Scope

Operators and Events

Properties and Indexers


Introducing Windows Forms

Working with Controls

Using Data in Windows Forms Applications

Printing and Reporting in Windows Forms Applications

Deploying Windows Forms Applications

Web Application Development with ASP.NET

Course Content

Building ASP.NET Pages

Building Forms with Web Server Controls

Performing Form Validation with Validation Controls

Advanced Control Programming

Creating Custom Controls with User Controls

Separating Code from Presentation

Introduction to ADO.NET

Binding Data to Web Controls

Using the DataList and DataGrid Controls

Working with DataSets

Working with XML

Using ADO.NET to Create Search Page

Creating ASP.NET Applications

Tracking User Sessions

Caching ASP.NET Applications

Application Tracing and Error Handling

Using Forms-Based Authentication

Using Windows-Based Authentication

Encrypting Data over the Network

Creating an XML Web Service

Opportunities and Skillset

Web/Application Designer
Web/Application Development
Project Coordinator
Business Developer
Quality Analyst
Enterprise Application Developer using C#.NET, Web Application Developer using ASP.NET
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