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The world is full of research and development opportunities where nature has offered numerous facilities and scenarios which are still out of the reach of humanity. A large community of researchers, scientists and practitioners are working tirelessly to make this world a better place of living. They make deep efforts to bring their imaginations into the real picture and innovate new machinery that can help human’s face various challenges of their life in a comfortable manner. This process demands precise and comprehensive knowledge of principles, theories, and literature available so that the experiences of several practitioners can be combined to bring out best possible solutions.

Ph.D, also abbreviated as D.Phil is a Doctorate program that involves an advanced academic work encompassing deep understanding, statistical analysis and innovative implementation of concepts precisely targeted to bring in something new or a major improvement to the existing concepts and tools that is attained after thorough literature reviews, conducting analysis and mathematical computations, adequate testing, practical implementation finishing up with thesis submission and final viva. MU, the best University for Ph.D in Rajkot has a big library numerous books, literature, and research journals which contain a lot of quality work done by eminent researchers worldwide.

Admission Announcement 2022-23

Application Opening Date: 5th May, 2022

Application Closing Date: 31st May, 2022

Proposed Exam Date: Will be declared soon…

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility criteria for admission to Ph.D programme:

The candidate aspiring admission for Ph.D. must have consistently good academic performance all through. The candidate must satisfy the below mentioned educational qualification specified as:

  • Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent degree with 55% Aggregate marks or equivalent CGPA/Grade.
  • Master’s Degree or equivalent degree with 55% Aggregate marks or equivalent CGPA/Grade.
  • A relaxation of 5% of marks, or an equivalent relaxation of grade, may be allowed for those belonging to SC/ST/OBC (non-creamy layer)/differently-abled categories of candidates.
Admission Procedure

Candidate may Fill Online Form from the website and submit it by post/ in person before 31st May 2022 on the below address

The Registrar
Marwadi University
Rajkot-Morbi Highway, Gauridad
Rajkot-360003, Gujarat, India

Application Fees

An application should be submitted along with the Receipt  of Rs. 500 Paid Online

Adminssion Procedure

The admission will be based on the following

1. Online written test (Multiple-Choice Question Type)

2. Viva (Presentation & Personal Interview)

The merit list will be prepared based on the performance in written test & viva.

Syllabus for Ph.D. Entrance Examination

  • Engineering: It is based on Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) syllabus of separate modules.
  • Language /Mathematics/ Computer Science /Chemistry/Physics: It is based on NET/SLET Exam Syllabus.
  • Management/Law/Economics & Sociology: It is based on CBSE-NET Exam Syllabus.
  • Pharmacy: It is based on Graduate Pharmacy Aptitude Test (GPAT) syllabus of separate modules.
  • Physiotherapy: Anatomy(5), Physiology (5), Work Physiology(5), Exercise Therapy(10), Soft Tissue Manipulation(5), Electrotherapy & Electro Diagnosis(10), Physical Functional Diagnosis (5), Bio Statistics (10), Research Methodology (10), PT In Musculo-Skeletal Conditions (10), PT In Neurological Conditions (10), PT In Cardio-Pulmonary And Vascular Conditions (10), PT In Rehabilitation (5) – (Digits indicating % weightage)

In addition to the above syllabus, a total of 10% weightage will be given to research methodology questions and it will be applicable for all Ph.D. programs.

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Dr. Ritesh Palkar
Area of Interest: Multiphase Flow, Modeling & Simulation, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Statistical Design, Statistical Modeling, Reaction Engineering, Thermodynamic aspects of Chemical looping combustion, Sonoprocess
Email ID:
Dr. Vicky Devendra Jain
Email ID:
Dr. Yashwantsinh S. Jadeja
Area of Interest: Synthesis and characterization of organic molecules. Study of organic, inorganic, organometallic molecules and process chemistry by NMR spectroscopy. Quantitative studies of API, Synthetic molecules and Natural products by analytical instruments.
Email ID:
Dr. Vishal Mayani
Email ID:
Dr. Subrata Patra
Area of Interest: Supramolecular chemistry, molecular sensors and their photo physical properties.
Email ID:
Dr. Suranjana Vishalbhai Mayani
Area of Interest: 1. Multifunctional materials (nano carbon material, organic-inorganic hybrid material, mesoporous material) synthesis and applications
2. Heterogeneous catalysis, adsorption and energy storage
3. Waste water treatment
4. Polymer composite materials for biomaterial and catalysis
5. Environmental Chemistry
Email ID:
Dr. Sharad Karad
Area of Interest: Synthetic Organic/Medicinal Chemistry
Email ID:
Dr. Hetal Jebaliya
Area of Interest: Analytical chemistry, Expertise in Extraction, Separation and Isolation of Pharmaceutical compounds, Analytical Method development and validation, Electro analytical techniques and Thermal gravimetric method of analysis, Exposure of Pharma Regulatory Affairs.
Email ID:
Dr. Sabera Bijani
Area of Interest: Organic Synthesis, Medicinal Chemistry, New methodology development in H/D exchange reactions
Email ID:
Dr. Pravin Bhalerao
Area of Interest: Organic Synthesis, Polymer Analysis, Polymer Chemistry, Polymer Characterization, Bio Polymers
Email ID:
Dr. Subrata Pal
Email ID:
Dr. Jayantilal Makasana
Area of Interest: Natural Product Research, Phytochemical Analysis, Analytical Method Development and Validation
Email ID:
Dr. Tarak Prafulkumar Vora
Area of Interest: Structural Analysis & Design
Email ID:
Dr. Siddharth G. Shah
Area of Interest: 1. Soil-structure Interaction
2. Advances in Geo technical Engineering.
3. Earthquake Engineering
4. Repairs & Rehabilitation of the structures
5. New Building materials /Concret
Email ID:
Dr. Ankur C. Bhogayata
Area of Interest: Structural analysis and design of steel and RCC structures, special structures, concrete technology, earthquake engineering, conventional constructional techniques, architectural design studio, techni
Email ID:
Dr. Sunil Ratibhai Sagar
Area of Interest: ELT, Translation Studies, Comparative Poetics
Email ID:
Dr. Nitul Suren Dutta
Area of Interest: Major: Computer Networks
Minor: Routing and Mobility management in WLN
Email ID:
Dr. Krunal Vaghela
Area of Interest: Computer Networks, Network Security, Cloud Computing
Email ID:
Dr. Damodharan Palaniappan
Area of Interest: Web Mining
Email ID:
Dr. Madhu Shukla
Area of Interest: Database Management System, Data Mining (Stream Data Mining), Software Engineering, System Analysis and Design
Email ID:
Dr. Dinesh Kumar
Area of Interest: Signal Processing and control, Bio medical signal and image processing.
Email ID:
Dr. Rajkumar Banoth
Area of Interest: MANET Security, ML, AI, Information Security & Cyber Secirity
Email ID:
Dr. Vijay Katkar
Area of Interest: ML, Computer Vision & Network Security
Email ID:
Dr. R. Sridaran
Area of Interest: Software Engineering , Cloud Computing, Machine Vision
Email ID:
Dr. Divyakant Meva
Area of Interest: System analysis and design, Artificial intelligence, Biometrics
Email ID:
Dr. Kalpesh Ashokkumar Popat
Area of Interest: Net Working, Mobile Computing, Cyber Security
Email ID:
Dr. Sunil L Bajeja
Area of Interest: Computer Organization and Architecture, Computer Graphics and Operating Systems
Email ID:
Dr. Ashwin Dobariya
Area of Interest: .Net Technology & SQL server with Crystal Report, Image Processing & Text Recognition System.
Email ID:
Dr. Jaypalsinh Gohil
Area of Interest: DBMS, Relational Database Management System, Advanced Database Management System
Email ID:
Dr. Brijesh Ramniklal Jajal
Area of Interest: Digital Image forensic, Cyber security
Email ID:
Dr. Rajendrasinh B. Jadeja
Area of Interest: Power Electronics, Renewable Energy Systems
Email ID:
Dr. Rajesh Meghajibhai Patel
Area of Interest: Condition Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis, Industrial Automation, Electrical Machines, Power Quality
Email ID:
Dr. Tapankumar Anirudhdh Trivedi
Area of Interest: Power Quality, Control of Power Electronic Converters
Email ID:
Dr. Amit Ved
Area of Interest: Microcontroller based systems, Power system Protection, Power Electronics, Renewable Energy Systems
Email ID:
Dr. Krishna Patel
Area of Interest: Power System, High Voltage Engineering
Email ID:
Dr. Atul Kunapara
Area of Interest: Power Electronic Converters, Grid Integration and Applications.
Email ID:
Dr. Rhishikesh Dave
Area of Interest: Sovereign Immunity and International Criminal Law
Email ID:
Dr. Rahul Nikam
Area of Interest: Law of Contract, Corporate and Business Laws
Email ID:
Dr. Nongthombam Bangkim Singh
Area of Interest: Gender, Research Methodology, Social Thoughts, Indian Communities and Socio-Legal Studies.
Email ID:
Dr. Dhruv Pande
Area of Interest: Wireless Political Science, Human Rights, Immigration
Email ID:
Dr. Shobhitkumar K. Patel
Area of Interest: Antennas, Electromagnetics, Optics, Photonics, Plasmonics
Email ID:
Dr. Sandeep Sancheti
Email ID:
Dr. Arjav Bavrva
Area of Interest: Wireless Comunications, Ad Hoc Wireless networks, Wireless Sensor Networks
Email ID:
Dr. Archana Sharma
Area of Interest: R&D in the field of Environment Science, the topics mainly Phytoremediation, Solid waste management, Environmental Impact Assessment
Email ID:
Dr. Debleena Bhattacharya
Area of Interest: Wastewater Treatement
Email ID:
Dr. Nitin Kumar Singh
Area of Interest: Wastewater Treatement & Sustainability Assessment
Email ID:
Dr. Dhiresh Kulshrestha
Area of Interest: Poverty and social monitoring studies to analyse economic and social inequalities, Public distribution system, studies on Self Help Groups and Microeconomic theory, Macroeconomic theory, Agriculture diversification and agricultural developmental studies, Crop Insurance in India: Issues and Challenges
Email ID:
Dr. Shrikant Ratley
Area of Interest: Marketing and Basic Management
Email ID:
Dr. Bhumika Manish Achhnani
Area of Interest: HR
Email ID:
Dr. Kiran Kumar Agarwal
Area of Interest: Research / Marketing & Law
Email ID:
Dr. Meeta Mandaviya
Area of Interest: HR & General Managament
Email ID:
Dr. Prasanta Biswas
Area of Interest: Applied Statistics,Operations Research,Biostatistics,Marketing Research,Business Analytics
Email ID:
Dr. V.Venkata Rao
Area of Interest: HR
Email ID:
Dr. Ravirajsinh Gohil
Area of Interest: Coorporate Finance
Email ID:
Dr. Thanalakshmi Sivakumar
Area of Interest: Management
Email ID:
Dr. Subhanshu Goyal
Area of Interest: Image Processing, Combinatorics Theory, Optimization Techniques and Numerical Techniques
Email ID:
Dr. Jignesh Chauhan
Area of Interest: Fractional Differencial Equations, Special Functions.
Email ID:
Dr. Divya Adalja
Area of Interest: Graph Theory and Discrete Mathematics
Email ID:
Dr. Chetansinh Vaghela
Area of Interest: Mathematical Modeling in Inventory Management, Optimization
Email ID:
Dr. Sarang Sadashiv Pande
Area of Interest: Manufacturing / Additive Manufacturing, Materials, Optimisation, Process Planning
Email ID:
Dr. Rameshkumar M. Bhoraniya
Area of Interest: Hydrodynamic Stability and Transition of Incompressible flows
Email ID:
Dr. Ramdevsinh L. Jhala
Email ID:
Dr. Nikunj Vinodrai Rachchh
Area of Interest: Composite Materials, Meshless Analysis Techniques
Email ID:
Dr. Amit Vinodbhai Sata
Area of Interest: Manufacturing Engineering
Email ID:
Dr. Pinank Anilbhai Patel
Area of Interest: Machine Design and Dynamics of Machines
Email ID:
Dr. Joshi Gaurang
Area of Interest: Welding Technology, Manufacturing Science , Material Science
Email ID:
Dr. Bhavesh Kanabar
Area of Interest: Energy, Exergy, Heat transfer.
Email ID:
Dr. Parag Rajpara
Area of Interest: CFD, Heat Transfer, Combustion
Email ID:
Dr. Karan Motwani
Area of Interest: Thermal & Solar
Email ID:
Dr. Nikhil Chotai
Area of Interest: Gear Engine Control System
Email ID:
Dr. Gaurav Vinodbhai Sanghvi
Area of Interest: Fungal Biotechnology
Email ID:
Dr. Ujwalkumar Trivedi
Area of Interest: Molecular Biology
Email ID:
Dr. Mahendrapalsingh Rajput
Area of Interest: Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria
Email ID:
Dr. Aditya Saran
Area of Interest: Microbiology
Email ID:
Dr. Ashok Kumar Bishoyi
Area of Interest: Biotechnology/Microbiology
Email ID:
Dr. Sumit Kumar Jaiswal
Area of Interest: Metal bio-transformation, Biodegradation of plastics, Biofuel, Oxidative stress and diseases,Advanced oxidation process (AOP), Phyto-nutrients and Antioxidants
Email ID:
Dr. Bhavisha Sheth
Area of Interest: Bioformatics, Plant Bio technology, Bio-entrepreneurship, Social aspects of biology
Email ID:
Dr. Viralkumar Mandaliya
Area of Interest: Microbiology, Biotechnology & IPR
Email ID:
Dr. Lalji Hakubhai Baldaniya
Area of Interest: Pharmaceutics & Pharmaceutical Technology
Email ID:
Dr. Ashishkumar Vrajlal Kyada
Area of Interest: Pharmacology
Email ID:
Dr. Mehulkumar Rana
Area of Interest: Diabetes/ Atherosclerosis/ Isolation/ Characterization
Email ID:
Dr. Ramesh Parmar
Area of Interest: Pharmaceutical Formulation Development
Email ID:
Dr. Mukesh Jerambhai Keshvani
Area of Interest: Functional oxide and superconductivity
Email ID:
Dr. Prashant R. Ghediya
Area of Interest: Nanotechnology and thin film solar cells, Ink printing of solar absorber materials, Non-vacuum route (solution processing) for kesterite CZTS thin films, Low-temperature transport properties
Email ID:
Dr. Yogesh Narmadashankar Jani
Area of Interest: Atmospheric dynamics and renewable energy
Email ID:
Dr. Hitaishi Bhatt
Area of Interest: Solar Astrophysics
Email ID:
Dr. Prakash Kanjariya
Area of Interest: First Principle Calculations and Its Applications
Email ID:
Dr. Jayesh Parmar
Email ID:
Dr. Ashish Kakkad
Email ID:
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