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Educational Objectives

Chemical Engineering mainly acts as a resource branch for many other engineering branches. The devices and equipments in every branch are manufactured using a chain of chemical processes. Every production and application unit deals with chemical engineering directly or indirectly. The chemical engineers are expected to have deep knowledge of chemical available and the effects of them with other chemical as well as surroundings. Depending upon geographical applications, chemicals need to be altered in their behavior and composition which needs expertise. Understanding this domain, This Top Chemical Engineering College in Rajkot has arranges a pool of qualified teachers with adequate technical infrastructure to meet the following course objectives:

  • To provide a concrete foundation in basic principles and engineering practices in the domain of Chemicals.
  • Allowing specialized knowledge in applied chemistry, biochemical and biomedical engineering, environmental engineering and process control.
  • To provide adequate exposure of chemical process simulation tools and softwares.
  • To discuss and teach principles that would allow to design, optimize and control the chemical production processes.
Scope of Employment

Skilled Chemical Engineers are in demand in almost every manufacturing and production unit wherein they are expected to test and simulate the behavior of chemicals in different application environments. There is a large scope of employment and entrepreneurship in the field of chemicals research. High salaries are paid in the RD departments of reputed organizations who seek to innovate something new for the betterment of society.

Student Outcomes

With the provision of highly trained staff, guidance of researchers and adequate technical infrastructure offering ample of learning opportunities, this Best College for Chemical Engineering in Rajkot offers Chemical Engineering courses that would produce the following outcomes:

  • Skilled students with ample of knowledge about chemical processes and their applications.
  • Worthy professionals with the ideas of chemical behaviour in various environment and strategies about balancing them according to the requirements.
  • Expertise in simulating the chemical reactions and processes before testing them live to ensure that best outcomes are attained with least risks.
  • A positive attitude in students to drive in more innovation and research in their job domain.
  • Heat Transfer Lab
  • Mass Transfer Lab
  • Chemistry Lab
  • Fluid Flow Operation Lab
Eligibility Criteria

12th Science with minimum 45%
GUJCET and registered under ACPC


Semester I

Serial No. Course code Course name Credits
1  01MA0101 Engineering Mathematics- I 5
2 01CI0101 Elements of Civil Engineering 4
3 01ME0101 Elements of Mechanical Engineering 4
4 01CE0101 Computer Programming 4
5 01GS0101/ 01GS0102 Physics /Engineering Chemistry-I* 4
6 01CR0101 Career Readiness Program 2

Semester II

Serial No. Course code Course name Credits
1  01MA0102 Engineering Mathematics- II 5
2  01SL0101 Communication Skills 3
3  01ME0102 Engineering Graphics 6
4  01EE0103 Basic Electrical and Electronics 4
5  01EN0101 Basics of Environmental studies 2
6  01ME0104 Workshop 1
7  01PE0101 Physical Education/Sports/Yoga 1

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