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Educational Objectives

Electronics and Communication Engineering acts as a bridge between various branches of engineering and help them in bringing their applications to live world. Electronic circuits help to bring in life to the machinery by providing them power in a well controlled manner.
Communication part of this department is equally important since it facilitates the society with data flow to remote locations in nearly no time. One of the widely known application is satellite communication that has made it possible to reach far ends of the globe in just a fraction of a second.
Marwadi University – The Best College for Electronics and Communication Engineering in Rajkot has done in-depth research on various aspects and applications of Electronics and Communication Engineering and has set up a brigade of professional engineers and researchers with the following course objectives:

  • To teach the wide spectrum of domain applications.
  • To provide adequate knowledge of principles and practices involved.
  • To develop and maintain a highly innovative and practical curriculum in adherence to the latest standards and trends with assurance of adequate exposure to the principles and applications of this domain.
  • To provide demonstrations on how things really work and the effects of minute and major alterations.
  • To provide practising opportunities through projects work so that students can exhibit their knowledge and innovate new gadgets. for the betterment of society.

 Thus, this best out of Top Colleges for Electronics and Communication in Rajkot ensures innovative learning and practising that makes you a worthy professional.

Scope of Employment

Electronics enjoys its presence as a root component for every electronics appliances, thus electronics industry keeps on hunting for skilled professionals who can innovate new ideas and come up with better solutions for the problem domain. Almost every industrial sector needs professional electronics engineers these days.
With the evolution of communication devices, new technologies are coming in the market on regular basis and there is a big room for improvements. Skilled and dedicated engineers who understand the principles of communication in depth and have ability to innovate are always in demand in public as well as private sectors.
Marwadi University-The best of Rajkot Engineering Colleges provides adequate learning and skill development opportunities to the students followed by attractive placement opportunities through campus drives.

Student Outcomes

Marwadi University – The Best College for Electronics and Communication Engineering in Rajkot has provisioned high quality kits and apparatuses in labs to ensure that the students come up with following outcomes;

  • Ability to apply the knowledge of mathematics, physics, science, fundamentals of engineering, electronics and communication as a domain expert.
  • Ability to work on complex problems and coming up with simple and effective solutions.
  • Ability to review existing solutions and formulate newer ones or modify them for increasing its effectiveness.
  • Ability to design the systems and component to meet desired specifications, standards, performance metrics precisely according to domain requirements.
  • Ability to investigate complex problems and use research based knowledge, methods and models and analyze the data for a valid conclusion.
  • Basic and Advanced Analog Electronics
  • Digital Electronics
  • Microprocessors and Microcontrollers
  • VLSI Design and Embedded Systems
  • Fiber Optics and Optical Communication
  • RF, Microwave Engineering and Antenna Design
  • DSP and Image Processing
  • Wireless Communication and Satellite Communication
  • Data Communication and Networking
Eligibility Criteria

12th Science with minimum 45%
GUJCET and registered under ACPC


Semester I

Serial No. Course code Course name Credits
1 01MA0101 Engineering  Mathematics- I 5
2 01EE0101 Elements of Electrical Engineering 4
3 01GS0101 Physics 4
4 01SL0101 Communication Skills 3
5 01EE0102/ 01CE0102 Electrical & Electronics Workshop/ Computer Workshop* 1
6 01ME0101 Elements of Mechanical Engineering 4
7 01PE0101 Physical Education/Sports/Yoga 1

Semester II

Serial No. Course code Course name Credits
1 01MA0102 Engineering Mathematics- II 5
2 01EC0101 Basics of Electronics Engineering 4
3 01EN0101 Basics of Environmental studies 2
4 01EC0102 Digital Electronics 4
5 01ME0103 Engineering Drawing 4
6 01CE0101 Computer Programming 4
7 01CR0101 Career Readiness Program 2

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