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Educational Objectives
  • The students should have understanding about the basic concepts and scope of microbiology.
  • The course should enable the students to understand the general tools and techniques commonly used in the academic or industrial microbiological enterprises.
  • Graduates will be gaining the critical concepts and understanding of the subject that would help them solve industry’s technological problems.
  • The course desires to make the students thorough professional or entrepreneurs engaged in technology advancement or implementation in industry.
  • The course would enable students come up with creative or innovative ideas with the hope to create future leaders in the field.
  • Students should be able to work with a sense of responsibility towards social awareness and follow the ethical standards in the industry.
  • The course would empower students to pursue higher studies, to interact effectively with their peers and society as well as to contribute to the economic growth of the country.
Scope of Employment
  • The students would find opportunities in many public or private science laboratories and pathology labs at various levels.
  • The students would also get the chance to work in microbiology based industries like pharmaceutical, dairy, breweries, distilleries, enzyme, etc at different positions.
  • Microbiologists also work in hospitals, universities, medical schools and a wide variety of other industries ranging from agriculture to the space industry.
  • The students would be perfectly oriented to take up higher level research positions in several national or international institutes.
  • Opportunities are also available in several industries catering to environmental sectors like in water & wastewater treatment plants.
Student Outcomes
  • Develop the ability to apply the knowledge of microbiology and other allied sciences.
  • Gain the aptitude to design and conduct experiments, as well as to analyze and interpret results.
  • Able to function as part of multidisciplinary team for various academic or industrial interests.
  • Develop a flair for creative thinking to design a system or process to meet the required needs for a related industry.
  • Gain an understanding of professional responsibility and ethical values.
  • Develop the ability to communicate effectively with peers, professionals & society.
  • Develop the ability to undertake higher level academic/industrial research.
  • Develop a sense for contemporary and relevant issues in microbiology.
Subject Skills
Core Courses Introduction to microbiology/Basic techniques in microbiology/Communication skills/ Microbial biochemistry/Microbial physiology/Bacterial Systematics/ Microbial genetics/Molecular biology/Recombinant DNA technology/Bioinformatics/ Basics in immunology/Analytical techniques in microbiology/Fundamentals of Biostatistics/Fermentation technology/Medical microbiology/Immunological techniques/Bioprocess engineering /Environmental microbiology.
Elective Courses Elective I: Environmental science, Chemistry, Food & Dairy technology.
Elective II: Virology, Biosafety and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), Entrepreneurship.
Eligibility Criteria

12th Std with minimum 45%


Semester I

Serial No. Course code Course name Credits
1  02MB0101 Introduction to microbiology 5
2  02MB0102 Basic techniques in microbiology 5
3  02PY0131 Physics-I 4
4  02CY0101 Chemistry-I 5
5  02SL0101 English-I 4

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