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Educational Objectives
  • Graduates will be science practitioners, who would help solvingscientific problems.
  • Graduates will be science professionals, innovators or entrepreneurs contributing towardsscience and technology development.
  • Graduates will interact with their peers in other scientific bodies and societies and contribute towards the scientific growth of the country.
  • Graduates will be successful in pursuing higher studies in science.
  • Graduates will pursue higher career paths in teaching or scientific research.
Scope of Employment
  • Asa X-ray technician, as a testing officer in meteorological testing laboratory, Officials in R & D lab in various engineering industries.
  • In the public sectors, like PRL, SAC, BARC, ISRO, CSIR laboratories and DRDO and other Government Organisations.
Student Outcomes
  • An ability to apply knowledge of Physical concepts and Ideas
  • An ability to design and conduct experiments, as well as to analyze and interpret data
  • An ability to identify formulate, and solve scientific problems
  • An understanding of professional and ethical responsibilities
  • An ability to communicate effectively
  • A broad education is necessary to understand the impact of core level physics on engineering solutions in a global sense.
  • A recognition of scientific research towards society
Subject Skills
Core Courses

Classical Mechanics, Quantum Mechanics, Condensed Matter Physics, Nuclear Physics, Statistical Physics, Thermodynamics, Optics, Electricity and Magnetism, Electronics, Modern Physics, Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopy, Plasma Physics, Electrodynamics, Mathematical Physics.

Elective Courses Ultrasonics, New Emerging Materials, Optical Instruments, Geomagnetism, Soft Matter Physics, Electron Optics.
Eligibility Criteria
  •  12th Std with minimum 45%


Semester I

Sl. No. Course Code Course Credits
1 PHY-101 Properties of Matter 5
2 PHY-102 Heat and Thermodynamics 5
3 MAT-101 Differential Equation – I (Subsidiary) 5
4 CHE-101 Chemistry – I (Subsidiary) 5
5 CS-101 Communication Skill-I 3

Semester II

Sl. No. Course Code Course Credits
6 PHY-201 Waves, Oscillations and Sound 5
7 PHY-202 Optics-I and Fibre Optic Communications 5
8 MAT-201 Differential Equations-II (Subsidiary) 5
9 CHE-201 Chemistry – II (Subsidiary) 5
10 CS-201 Communication Skill-II 3

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