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Educational Objectives

The postgraduate course in English Literature from Marawadi University, the top University of Gujarat, is a fine example of academic and intellectual excellence. This scholarly course allows the students to an in depth and critical analysis of Literary texts. The course is interesting as well as challenging as it demands a lot of critical thinking and analytic approach. Literature is a combination of various thoughts, personalities and stories which makes it one of the most interesting courses available. The Faculty at Marwadi University, the best art college in Rajkot, is highly skilled. A part of Humanities, literature is an enthralling way of knowing and understanding Human nature through novels, poetry, literary theory etc. MA in English is a two years journey of pure excellence. This course from Top University in Gujarat, is suited for those who wish to go for higher studies after completion of BA.

Program Structure

Through this two years journey a literature student gets to learn a wide range of subjects like the Renaissance Literature, the Neoclassical Literature, Literary Theory & Criticism, Indian Writing in English, the Romantic Literature, the Victorian Literature, the Comparative Literature, the Cultural Studies, the Modernist Literature, the American Literature,the Postcolonial Literature, the New Literature, the African Literature, etc. MA requires deep reading and analytic skills. The teachers at Marwadi University, are the best and highly qualified to support and encourage students to excel in this field. The students are provided with a positive and productive study environment with group discussions and guest lectures which increases their critical and reasoning skills as well.


A MA English students has a wide scope of opportunities in from of him/her. Studying literature gives students a scholarly edge over the others. Students can opt for higher studies in Literature like PhD and M.Phil. Literature students can choose from various career options like:

  • Teacher
  • Lecturer
  • Journalist
  • Publishing
  • Editor
  • Advertising
  • Content Writer
  • Writer
  • Instructional designing
  • Linguistics
  • Jobs in government/private agencies as Decoders, Interpreter, and Translators.
  • Creative Writing
Eligibility Criteria

TYBA- 50%

SYLLABUS is as per GTU