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In the ever increasing tech world, the demand for cyber security is rapidly increasing.This course helps the students to get familiar with technical tools to prevent, detect, counter and recover from cybernetic attacks or incidents. They practice the prevention f cyber crimes and security of cyber assets of a company. The job opportunities in this course are ample as the demand is very high.


The mission of the department includes:

  • To provide quality education to the students about cyber security.
  • To train the students to deal with various security loopholes and how to fix them.
  • To prepare the students for the industry.

Scope of

After obtaining a degree in Cyber Security from Marwadi University, the student can either opt for research or for employment.
Engineering in Cyber Security allows the students to nurture their passion towards cyber security. If you are in love with the computer and network and words like hacking and security make you excited, then the Cyber Security course in Marwadi University is the right option for you. After pursuing a degree in Cyber Security, you can also become an entrepreneur who specifically works and provides services in this field. You can join a public or a private sector to get a job where your skills perfectly fit-in. Whatever be the sector, cyber security is a demand in all and therefore the scope of this subject is vast and the sky’s the limit for your career.


In the contemporary world, technology plays a very significant part. One such important technology without which the world today cannot survive is a computer. Today most of the important data are stored in the computer. But storing the data is not only the important part; another equally important part is to protect the data from the hackers. This is when we start talking about cyber security.
The Cyber Security course in Marwadi University provides the students with knowledge about the methodologies that should be put into practice to ensure the security of an organization. Department of Cyber Security in Marwadi University is dealt by the Faculty of Computer Application. The main objective of the department is to provide a world-class education to the students about the computer.
The facilities provided to the students enrolled in this course include:

  • Library
  • Laboratories/ Computer Centre
  • Conference and Seminar Hall
  • Training and Placement

The E-Library present in the department contains more than 2000 latest books on the topic. Apart from that, various national and international journals are available for the students.
Various events are organized from time to time to help the students grow academically and non-academically. Important events which have recently taken place includes ALUMNIGHT 2017, A Seminar on Spiritual Wisdom, OKHA Marine Camp, Synergy 2017, Workshop of Cyber Forensic and HackTrack.


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