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Environmental Engineering is a special branch of Civil Engineering which focuses on the development and maintenance of environment. The students pursuing this course study about ideas and various research methods to prevent any damage to the Environment due to pollution. They try to devise ways to prevent ozone depletion, global warming, etc. With the increase in pollution and threat to the environment, professionals efficient in Environmental Engineering Are in high demand in Core companies, factories, Government sectors, NGOs etc.


The course in Environmental Engineering was designed considering the following objectives:

  • To build the confidence of the creative engineers of the future.
  • To provide highest quality of education to the students.
  • To provide the students with good technological resource like the laboratory.
  • To explain the basic of environmental science and engineering to the students and then to proceed in the higher studies.
  • To increase the innovative skill of the students.

Scope of

Due to increase in awareness and increasing knowledge the world is becoming more concerned about the Environment. Therefore, almost every NGO and government requires services of an Environment Engineer. Apart from that, this field is quite attractive in terms of pay packages. Environmental engineering has immense scope in India for professionals who are qualified in chemical, biological, thermal, radioactive or even mechanical engineering as environmental engineering is a diverse field and requires people from diverse background.
However, candidates with M.Tech in environmental engineering have opportunities to work for government built assessment committees which study and analyse the environmental risks involved in certain projects. The report of such a committee is then submitted to the concerned authority for further observation. Scholars with Ph.D in environmental engineering can opt for teaching jobs in colleges and universities


After completing the graduation in Environmental Engineering from Marwadi University, the students can expect the following outcomes:

  • They will be able to solve complex problems about an environment with the infusion of technology.
  • Critical thinking will be developed which help the students to analyze environmental problems.
  • An environment sensitive person.

The four-year long program trains the students to become perfect in this discipline.
The students are also engaged in both private and public sectors as both the sectors give importance to the environment and wants to contribute in their own way to improve the environmental condition. It is one of the most wanted courses in Marwadi University.


BE in Environmental

Environmental Engineering

  • Air Sampling & Analysis Lab
  • Chemistry Lab
  • Environmental Microbiology Lab
  • Environmental Engineering Lab

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