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Educational Objectives

Chemistry is a crucial subject with prevailing effect on all the branches of science and engineering. Proper understanding of various chemicals, their reactivity and response to change surrounding conditions, is highly required to secure a good job. The mission of this Best M.Sc. Chemistry College in Rajkot, is to provide quality education in the field of chemistry. The university offers M.Sc. in Chemistry with the focus on following objectives:

  • To produce well trained scientists with adequate skills.
  • To produce professionals who can face the growing challenges of this dynamic world.
  • To offer solutions that are practical and effective for solving the problems that affects humanity in adverse manner.
  • To train the students for Research based career by inculcating the habit of exploration and research in their personality.
  • To impart the skills and knowledge in the minds of students with clear ability to health and environment.
Scope of Employment

Deep understanding of Chemicals, their affability and after effects are highly in demand in the current industry. There are a lot of opportunities to earn higher salaries both in public and private sectors. Some of the job profiles include Analytical Chemist, Production Chemist, Research Development Manager, Industrial Research Scientist and may others in large industries including Pharmaceutical companies, Petrochemical Industry, Manufacturing Processes, Environmental law, etc.

Being the Top M.Sc. College in Rajkot, Marwadi University provides adequate support for placement through campus drives and referrals.

Student Outcomes

The M.Sc. Chemistry programme is offered at Marwadi University with following students outcomes in purview:

  • Ability to understand and implement complex chemical equations and chemical compositions.
  • Ability to analyze the outcomes of experiments on chemicals and their products
  • Ability to understand the chemicals deeply and their effects on environment and health.
  • Ability to connect the latest developments in Chemistry with the knowledge attained during academics and come up with better ideas.
  • Awareness of the impact of Chemistry in all domain of the society including environment, manufacturing and production, etc.
Core Courses Quantum chemistry/Organotransition metal chemistry/Molecular spectroscopy-I/Supramolecular chemistry/Organic Synthesis-I/Physical chemistry-I/Kinetics and photochemistry/Molecular spectroscopy-II/Analytical methods/Organic Synthesis-II/Physical chemistry-II/Bioorganic & Medicinal chemistry/Thermodynamics & surface chemistry/Industrial and green chemistry/Polymer Chemistry/ Environmental Chemistry/Fundamental and Applications of Computers in Chemistry/Surfactants, Macromolecules Nanomaterials/ Mathematics for Chemistry.
Elective Courses Biochemistry, Synthetic & natural polymers, Biofuels, Photophysical Chemistry, Rearrangements &retrosynthesis, Photophysical chemistry
Eligibility Criteria
  • At least 50% In Graduate Science Stream


Semester I

S.No. Course Code Course Credit Hrs
1 02CY0401 Physical Chemistry-I 5
2 02CY0402 Inorganic Chemistry-I 5
3 02CY0403 Organic Chemistry-I 5
4 02CY0404 Analytical Chemistry-I 5
5 02CY0405 Industrial Chemistry-I 5


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