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Educational Objectives

Marwadi University – The Best University in Rajkot is one of the well-known names that offers Master’s programme with high level of research and expertise. This Top M.Sc. College in Rajkot has arranged a pool of experienced research professionals who has in-depth understanding of the concepts and principles of Physics. These domain experts provide teaching and research facilities in adherence to the following course objectives:

  • To inculcate in-depth understanding of concepts and principles in the minds of students.
  • To demonstrate the principles and applications for better understanding by the students.
  • To make a concrete foundation of the participants in advanced theoretical and experimental
  • physics with focus on trending areas like Atomic, Optical and Molecular Sciences.
  • To prepare students for the careers in University Teaching and Research Institutions.
  • To inculcate the habit of learning, exploring and researching in the minds of the student.
  • To make the minds of students innovative so that they can create new ideas.
Scope of Employment

Physics, being one of the core domain for any application area, may it be manufacturing, automation, astronomy, or any other, candidates having adequate understanding of the principles of physics are always in demand. Every apparatus or machinery need strong physics applications to become a successful product. Even there are unlimited opportunities in the field of teaching and research under public and private sectors.

Student Outcomes

With the availability of best-in-class laboratories equipped with high-end apparatuses, this Top M.Sc. college in Rajkot offers M.Sc. Physics program with the following student outcomes:

  • Ability to study, understand and implement the complex mathematical and experimental data in the specific problem domain.
  • Ability to test and analyze the outcomes of experiments on existing and new concepts.
  • Ability to resolve the complex mathematical and physics related problem with expertise.
  • Ability to understand the principles deeply and implementing them to set up innovative practices.
  • Ability to guide future students in their research work.
Eligibility Criteria

 At least 50% In Graduate Science Stream


Semester I

Sl. No. Course Code Course Credits
1 02PY0401 Aomic and Molecular Physics 4
2 02PY0402 Electronics-I 4
3 02PY0403 Mathematical Physics-I 4
4 02PY0408 Classical Mechanics 4
5 02PY0409 Quantum Mechanics-I 4
6 02PY0406 Laboratory Practicals 1 2
7 02PY0407 Laboratory Practicals 2 2

Semester III

Sl. No. Course Code Course Credits
1 02PY0502 Communication Physics 4
2 02PY0508 Nuclear Physics 4
3 02PY0509 Synthesis of Materials 4
4 02PY0510 Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics 4
5 02PY0505 Research Methodology 4
6 02PY0506 Material Science Lab 1
7 02PY0507 Laboratory Practicals 4 1

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