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Rajkot Smart City

Hackathon 2017

Our Hon’ble Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, envisages a Digital India to bridge the digital divide in our country and further promote digital literacy in order to make development a comprehensive mass movement and put governance within everyone’s reach in India. In order to work towards our PM’s vision, Rajkot Municipal Corporation, propose the Rajkot Smart City Hackathon 2017, a unique initiative to identify new and disruptive digital technology innovations for solving the challenges faced by our city. This initiative aims to institutionalize a model for harnessing the creativity and technical expertise of thousands of students for the direct benefit of our city. Shri Banchha Nidhi Pani, Municipal Commissioner, Rajkot Municipal Corporation, Rajkot is the Chief Patron of this unique initiative, while Marwadi University is the Event Host and Mentor University in the organizing committee of this initiative. Smart City Rajkot is co-organizers in this initiative.


Rajkot Municipal Corporation (RMC) is a local government committed to provide basic infrastructure facilities including entertainment facilities to the people of the city. RMC is very well known for the managing the city by using private sector participation as well as introduction of innovative mechanism in management to serve people efficiently. City has prepared different plans for improving services and to nullify gap between services and demands.

Smart City Rajkot

The Government of India launched the Smart Cities Mission on 25 June 2015 with an objective to promote sustainable and inclusive cities that provide core infrastructure and give a decent quality of life to its citizens, a clean and sustainable environment and application of ‘Smart’ Solutions. Rajkot secured 3rd rank among 30 new cities announced on 23rd June 2017 by Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD) for development as smart cities under the Smart City Mission.

Rajkot smart city proposal consists of two key components:

(i) Area based development

(ii) Pan City solution.

As part of Area based development projects, Raiya area in the western part of the city will be developed with world class facilities. Major ABD projects include exhibition and convention center, amusement parks, business and incubation centers, skill development center, affordable housing etc. The pan city solution includes intelligent traffic and integrated transport management, smart water and waste management, real-time environmental monitoring, CCTV surveillance Wi-Fi services across city and online service delivery to improve public service delivery and digital inclusion.

Rajkot Municipal Corporation (RMC)

Rajkot Municipal Corporation (RMC) is a local government committed to provide basic infrastructure facilities including entertainment facilities to the people of the city. RMC is very well known for the managing the city by using private sector participation as well as introduction of innovative mechanism in management to serve people efficiently. City has prepared different plans for improving services and to nullify gap between services and demands.

Mentor University, Event Partner & Host
Marwadi University

Marwadi University is situated at the largest city of Gujarat, Rajkot. Marwadi University is the place where 54 different courses have introduced to empower education and opportunities for the bright future

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  • Detailed schedule for the Rajkot Smart City Hackathon – 2017 is now available. View
  • Result for the first round of Rajkot Smart City Hackathon is declared. View 
  • Last date of registration and proposal submission in Rajkot Smart City Hackathon has been extended to 21-07-2017 05:00 PM.
  • Rajkot Smart City Hackathon is inaugurated by Hon. Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi on 29th June.


  • Launching of Website & Registration Starts 29th Jun ’17
  • Last date of Registration & Project Proposal Submission 21st Jul ’17
  • Screening & Declaration of Selected Teams 23rd Jul ’17
  • Grand Finale 29th/30th Jul ’17
  • Announcement of winners 30th Jul ’17




Water Management
  • Water leakage identification
  • A solution for water contamination.
  • Identify illegal water connection.
  • Alert system for direct pumping in water distribution
  • Water pollution in Aji river.
  • Tanker management.
General Administration
  • Citizen friendly multi utility code (QR code based at HH level)
  • Biometric based attendance improvement system
  • Smart system for optimum use of corporation work force.
  • File tracking system.
  • Public grievance system.
  • Staff appreciation program.
  • RMC chatbot.
  • Knowledge and document management for RMC.
  • Configurable dashboard which displays data imported from various systems through APIs.
  • Department wise, ward wise database of contact & procedure guidance system.
  • Promotion and recognition of CSR in Rajkot city.
  • Helpdesk & guidance system within RMC offices.
  • Single point solutions for information on ongoing initiatives by government.
  • Feedback solution for RMC services.
  • Black listed vendors/contractor.
  • Analytics for call center complaints.
  • Analytics for service delivery at civic center based on time taken to serve a customer.
  • Mobile app for requisition of various items from RMC store.
  • Skill management solution. 1 Develop automatic fare collection system for city bus services.
Traffic & Transportation
  • Develop automatic fare collection system for city bus service
  • Real time tracking system of bus using SMS/on map.
  • Mobile application for Cycle sharing program of RMC.
  • Integrated public transportation route planning solution.
  • Single ticketing system for integrated public transportation.
  • Application for auto rickshaws.
  • Real time traffic information
  • Car pooling solution.
  • Automated parking management systems.
  • GPS monitoring and automatic reporting system.
  • Concession pass? approved and issued online.
  • Intelligent system to analyze fuel usage, millege and maintenance of Rajkot Municipal Corporation(RMC).
  • Analytics for density and parking requirements.
Education, School & Mid-Day meal
  • Book sharing application.
  • School Management (including attendance, mid-day meal/drop out system)
  • Gamification of education for primary to middle school kids.
  • Mobile based virtual classroom.
  • State level recruitment.
  • Mobile app to request for a book in the library.
  • Develop an office administration software for sports activity.
  • Smart entry for sports facilities.
Public Utilities
  • Maintenance Schedules and Monitoring for Public Utilities.
  • Utility Mapping.
  • Solution to inform citizens about non-availability/schedule change of public utility service.
Health Department
  • Area based epidemic solutions for all hospitals.
  • Medical and paramedical stores locators.
  • Inventory Management system.
  • App to track attendance, immunization and nutrition services provided to Aanganwadi Kids.
  • The solution required to track dog bites in different parts of cities.
Fire and Emergency Department
  • Automatic flood alert system for a water-shed area of Ali river and vonkdas.
  • Fire and safety system.
  • Crisis management solution.
  • Solution to inform citizens about any on¬going or potential danger/emergency
Central Store
  • Develop software for employee’s uniform inventory.
  • Inventory for all store inventory.
Environment and Sustainablity
  • SMART green building solution.
  • App to register green initiatives/ renewable and energy efficient measures with corporation.
  • Solutions to promote citizen engagement/ smart volunteer program & participation in project/policy making.
Encroachment Removal Department
  • Encroachment alert system for public property.
  • Geo Tagging and schedule management for hawkers
Electricity Department
  • SMART solution for energy efficiency/ saving at RMC offices (Online monitoring of sewage and water pump efficiency).
  • Building energy management system.
  • Software for appliances controls through mobile device – building appliances.
  • The freelancing market place for senior citizens and vulnerable groups.
  • SMART app for donating food, books, and clothes etc.
  • Sound amplifying application for hearing impaired.
  • Image to the voice application.
Project Department
  • Infrastructure Development Management System.
  • Project estimation system.
  • Schedule of Rate(SOR) management system.
Drainage Department
  • Real time monitoring and tracking of manhole/chambers at the time of chock up & blockage from central control room help-desk.
  • Tracing of the location of existing man hole /chambers below the road.
  • Solution for automatic trace the location or a broken frame/cover of man hole/ chamber and pipe corrosion/sitting etc
Awas Yojna Department
  • Database creation for Housing dept. with details mentioned below and MIS
  • System to verify if beneficiary has
  • availed any other Awas Yojna benefits.
  • File Management System of beneficiary registration.
  • Solution to track if the beneficiary is using the house provided under Awas Yojna or has rented it to someone else.
Garden Department
  • Solution to boos Garden & Park Usage.
  • Geo tagging of trees.
Animal Nuisance Control Dept.
  • Geo Taggin for ANCD (Animal Nuisance Control Department).
Waste Mangement
  • Automatic illegal solid waste dumping alert system
  • Dustbin locator system.
  • An auto alert system for excessive solid waste dumping in All River/Vonkdas.
  • SMART solutions for the door to door tiper van for SWM system.
  • Solution to track cleanliness in RMC offices.
  • Database creation for city wide waste generation & waste usage.
  • ICT solution for promoting Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.
  • Smart Dustbins.
  • Inventory for RMC equipment machinery
  • Happiness App.
  • Open forum.



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