Faculty of Architecture at Marwadi University is organizing “Sensorium” on 26th September 2017

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We are delighted to announce that the Faculty of Architecture at Marwadi University has embarked on an exciting new initiative titled “Sensorium”.

Dictionary defines Sensorium as the parts of the brain or the mind concerned with the reception and interpretation of sensory stimuli; and that is the aim – TO STIMULATE IDEAS. The series is an ambitious cross-disciplinary platform involving the aspects of “Art, Architecture and Design”, to serve as a catalyst for new ideas and experimentation, linking creative design and research expertise in the Faculty of Architecture, Marwadi University.

Sensorium will consist of an extensive series of public events dedicated to contemporary architectural culture: exhibitions, members’ events, lectures, seminars, conferences, book launches and publications. It is all about giving students opportunities to meet with and be taught by leading figures in a chosen discipline. The series will look to invite architectural theorists and practitioners, designers, performing artists, and art historians; bringing together different parts of the idea of Art, Architecture & Aesthetics and form an essential component of an Architectural design education.

The lecture series is an example of how the Faculty of Architecture enhances the core experience of its pedagogy and sits alongside vibrant programmes of exhibitions, conferences and events featuring architecture students and staff at Marwadi University campus.

To kick start this apparatus, the first lecture on the series will be presented by Himanshu Patel, Principal Architect at d6thD design studio. The practice tries to amalgamate the traditional knowledge systems and the contemporary design fundamentals. As Himanshu puts his ideology on perspective through his words, “its all about how to convert house into home. Design is much more than aesthetics. it evolves around emotions.”

About the

The 6th dimension is not restricted to measure the physical world but to explore the Feel Good Spaces. Any object or space can be measure in 3 Dimension but to feel good about it is 6thD. They design to make you feel good, and are passionate about design, but driven by ideas rather than personalities. The team is interested in exploring the ways in which spaces can create experiential happiness, also promote the use of locally available materials, traditional building techniques, culturally and climatically relevant building design.

d6thD visualizes the practice as a sheltered and collaborative place for reflection, where a community (including clients and other collaborators) can reflect on how to make life happy and feel good through architecture.

Date, Time and

Date -26th September 2017
Time -2:00 p.m.
Venue -Seminar Hall, P.G. Building,Marwadi University

Panel discussion
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