Shakespeare Festival

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To be or not to be!?

The eternal question asked by none other than William Shakespeare.

The world comes together on the birthday of the great playwriter and poet, 23rd April, and celebrates the beauty of language.
Marwadi University pledges its support by celebrating the Shakespeare Festival on 9th, 10th and 11th of April wherein we’ll celebrate the work of the legend.


1. Shakespearean Soliloquies

Shakespeare’s plays are famous for soul-stirring soliloquies. In this event/competition,students may recite/perform famous soliloquies from Shakespeare’s plays. Soliloquies may be given to students by the faculty in advance which will be performed at the time of the event/competition.


2. Retelling Shakespeare

Even after 400 years of his death, we continue to see the retellings of Shakespeare’s plays in different forms- stage performances, films etc. In Retelling Shakespeare event student may be given the plot of a particular Shakespeare’s drama and he/she may have to retell the same story in their own creative story-telling way.


3. Poetry Recitation

Besides the theatre, Shakespeare left behind delightful poetry. To celebrate his poetic persona, Poetry Recitation competition is also scheduled. Participants may select a sonnet from 154 sonnets by Shakespeare and recite on the day of the competition.


4. Quotable Quote

After the Bible, Shakespeare is the most quoted persona in the English language. His quotes are immortal and thought-provoking. An event can be arranged to find out the quotable quotes from the works of Shakespeare. Participants may explore on the internet or take a quote from their journey of reading Shakespeare. They may come up with one quote and make a presentation as to what it means and why it is the best Shakespearean quote. At the end of theevent,the audience may decide the best Quotable Quote and give a surprise gift to the winner.


5. Guest Lecture

Shakespeare’s plays are full of wisdom that remains refreshingly relevant till date no matter what our domain or discipline may be. Throughout his dramas,one can find pearls of wisdom which can be immediately pertinent for one’s life and work. Thus the lessons of management in general can be learned through Shakespearean dramas. We may invite a resource person to deliver an expert lecture on the theme of Management Lessons from Shakespeare.


6. Movie Screening

Shakespeare’s plays have been transformed into movies time and again. Indian films such as Angoor, Omkara, Maqbool and Haidarhave been based on or inspired by Shakespeare’s dramas. One of the movie adaptations ofShakespeare’s play may be screened for students followed by Q & A.


7. Quiz

A quiz may be organized on the life and works of William Shakespeare. Particiants may be given certain MCQs on the life and works of the Bard. Questions may be asked on the basis of cinamatic adaptation of the dramas of Shakespeareas well.

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