Spreading community love on campus and beyond

Spreading community love on campus and beyond

The act of kindness at Marwadi University is tailored in many ways. It includes:


Cultural diversity at university improves the overall college experience of the students. Students get an exposure to different perspectives of people from across the world. It is the way to bridge the cultural differences among people. At Marwadi University, We have 500+ faculties from 20 states of India and 28000+ alumni strength from all over the world. In 2018, we also extended our support to Syria by admitting 192 Syrian students at Marwadi University.

Zero discrimination

With zero discrimination, Marwadi University marks its stand towards a fair and just society. Marwadi University ensures that no one is ever being discriminated. We believe being a zero-bias is the first step towards transformation. We motivate and promote equality among our students and staff members. Moreover, no one on campus has ever been in the fear of the unknown. We have a safe campus with 24×7 surveillance and security officers.

Support system

There is a special team to assist international students. They are well supported right from the initial stage of application until their graduation. We, at Marwadi University, also make sure that there is a comprehensive accommodation with ultra-modern facilities, Wi-Fi, sports, gymnasium, health centre and variety of cuisines for them. They get specialized teaching to develop listening and speaking skills with the help of the language and communication lab.

Healthy study environment

We take responsibility to reduce study stress and maintain mental health of students. Students here learn how to balance challenges. Counsellors are provided on campus for those who are still learning to cope up with academic stress. Students at Marwadi University enjoy pleasant study facilities, good support system from us and their mates, tasty and healthy food, sufficient exercise equipments and enough time for relaxation.


Till date, at Marwadi University, around 150 students have been volunteering and are working successfully with the NSS (National Service Scheme) to spread smile and positivity. They have also carried out such an enormous national level social movement where they have donated 2500+ blood bottles and 4000+ clothes. Moreover, they have planted 40+ trees, successfully implemented education programmes in 10+ School, and have visited 5+ villages for the spread awareness.

Marwadi University is a unique platform that offers unparalleled opportunities in academics and extracurricular. Know how Marwadi University is beyond study. More information on our website.

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