Student clubs at Marwadi University to recognize students’ potential

Student clubs at Marwadi University to recognize students’ potential

All work and no play make students dull. Education is not just about what you learn inside the four classroom walls. All-round education must be given to the students which essentially should include the students’ moral, physical, intellectual, cultural and social development.

We, at Marwadi University, understand the importance of overall development and hence, we provide students with all those opportunities that are required to make them all-rounders. Here are some clubs that we run at Marwadi University, some of which help them with their academics also.

Aeromodeling and Robotics club

This club at one of the best universities in Gujarat deals with a variety of activities related to topics such as aerodynamics, structural constructional experiments, design and mechanism of different flying objects, etc. Construction and testing are also done of flying objects such as RC copters, RC planes, quad-copters, Bi-copters, etc.


This club is particularly for the students who belong to IT courses at Marwadi University. The main aim of Oracle club is to educate the students about the database administrator. Regardless of their major, this club also helps them to get confident about their work to reach their goals and achievements. Also, our university has also signed an MOU with Oracle University to benefit the students of IT and Computer Engineering.

Fitness club

Needless to say what this club would do! Through various activities, it spreads awareness in the university about being fit. This club conducts various workshops with different themes to encourage students to actively participate in physical activities.

ICT-Club (Spoken Tutorial-IIT Bombay)

The Ministry of Human Resources and Development, Government of India has launched the national mission on education whose one of the activities is ‘Talk to a Teacher’. We support this activity and also its initiative project ‘The Spoken Tutorial’ through ICT (Information and Communication Technology).

Green club

It is important to educate students about protecting the environment and this club is active for that only. With a motto of preserving nature, it organises a variety of events in the campus. Planting trees, watering plants and reducing pollution are to name a few.

Movie club

The only study is not important. One also needs to get refreshed. This movie club at Marwadi University has a huge collection of award-winning movies that include regional, national as well as international movies which are screened every fortnight in the auditorium.

There are many other clubs too that conduct various sorts of activities for the overall development of the students. Visit the campus today, for more info!

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