Studying Vs Working, Which One to Choose?

Studying Vs Working, Which One to Choose?

Should I go for higher study or find a job? A dilemma that continues to exist amidst the final year students about which one of these is better!

As soon as students reach their final year of graduation, there stands a persistent worry about whether they should pursue a master’s or start with a job. Besides this, there come recurring pieces of advice from people on whether to go for higher study or campus placement. Thus, making the students more confused.

The decision to study or job depends on several factors and is a subjective notion, where you cannot term one decision as a right one while another as a wrong one. So, here’s a piece of information to help you get some accuracy on both aspects – studying vs working and help you make a wise decision.

Higher Study or Job – Which One is Better?

Before we start discussing both areas, there’s a popular misconception that needs to be conferred. Many advise students that if they wish to work in research and development, they must pursue higher education.

One must understand that higher education is not just about making a career in research and development, there are other endless career opportunities to build a career in.

Now, let us move forward to the main discussion and probably, you might know which one to choose from both!

Going for Higher Study:

Higher studies open a gateway to numerous career prospects as you will study in a distinct direction in the field, and employers look for job-seekers who possess in-depth added knowledge in a domain. Plus, in higher studies, you also specialize in a specific topic of that field. When you are not sure about choosing a higher study or job, you need to evaluate some factors thoroughly and based on that, you should decide.

In today’s times, a master’s degree proves to be advantageous for career and job promotions. When you have achieved masters right after your undergraduate, you likely receive jobs in higher positions with higher pay, which will help you climb the ladder faster. Besides that, if you still wish to learn ahead after graduation, you should, without any doubt, go for higher study.

The main benefit of pursuing a master’s directly after graduation is that you do not have to leave your job midway and start studying again. It is difficult, and you will find studying all over again a little tiring and will also feel less motivated. Moreover, a higher study helps you improve your resume. Plus, it enhances your chances to get a better job compared to an undergraduate job-seeker.

Lastly, several streams require professionals with higher degrees to land a desirable job opportunity. For getting a particular role, some streams compulsorily ask you to pursue a masters.

Going for a Job:

You can find a job either through campus placements or any other job portals. Campus placements mean companies recruits from the college. You can land a job even before you complete your final year of education. For getting a job through placements, you need to appear for several tests, group discussions and interviews. Placements are good if a student is looking for a job directly after completing the studies.

Many students wish to go for higher education after getting 1 to 2 years of work experience. The good thing about getting some work experience before pursuing a masters is that you will learn and relate with topics better in a master’s course if you have practical experience already and are familiar with the current industry scenario. A job before the higher study will help you identify your skills, interests and capabilities better.

Getting a job almost when you’re about to graduate gives you great confidence, a feeling of security and motivation. Also, whether to go for a job or not depends upon your financial backing too. You can earn money first and then choose to go for higher studies. As a recent graduate, you will be qualified to get an entry-level position and further begin with your career.

Studying Vs Working, Which is Better?

If you are willing to start with a job, look out for the opportunities available to you. Every industry is different, and so are its needs. So, if your undergraduate degree can land you the right job, then go for it. Similarly, if the field you are in only helps you with a perfect job if you have a higher degree, then there’s no point not going for a master’s education.

Ideally, you must consider choosing higher education or job based on your undergraduate course, the current and future demands of the industry you will work in. Everything depends upon your interest and situation. You should only go for a job if it’s the best one or else you should go for masters and then opt for a better job.

Choose wisely, since it’s a matter of your career.

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