What Points You Should Consider When Choosing a College?

What Points You Should Consider When Choosing a College?

For students, moving from school to college is a big decision. The selection process to choose the perfect college is always accompanied by feelings of stress and a lot of excitement altogether.  You will spend 3-4 crucial years of life in college and, so the one you choose to go to should make you happy!

It is good to have a lot of college options to choose from, but at the same time, it is a little overwhelming too! The definition of right college differs from person to person. So, look at a few points that will be important to you in making a decision and then pick a college that fits in perfectly. To help you choose the best college out of the whole lot, here are some points to definitely check-off.



First and foremost, the college you are interested in must offer the course you are considering to pursue. Look for the sub-courses the programme chosen by you offers. The more variation there will be in the programme, the more your knowledge widens. You should read about the course curriculum and make sure that it provides education using a hands-on learning approach and practical experiences like an internship.

Check on the faculty members of the college. Colleges, including PhD faculties from well-known universities like IITs, VIT, NIT etc., ensure practical and updated learning in alignment with industry standards. So make sure that the standards of faculties are high.



To get admission for further studies in a great college or land a lucrative job, the credibility of the college you have studied in matters a lot. Check for the accreditation of college by higher boards. The college must be UGC and AICTE approved. Also, check for the NAAC certificate in a college. If a college is NAAC certified with a good grade, then it manifests academic excellence.

During your college search, check if the college has any notable achievements, such as awards for best engineering college or best MBA college, etc. It will assure you that the college is reputable and worth believing.


Activities beyond Classroom 

When you choose a college, then see that extra-curricular activities exist in that college. There is much more in a college to learn, in addition to academics. The activities of the college must align with your interest. Let’s say; you are a fitness enthusiast, and college has no club related to fitness, then this will be a personal loss for you. So look for different activities that college has and find the ones that match your interests.

Extra-curricular activities play an essential role in your personal development. When you are a part of extra-curricular activities, you become more confident, open-minded, explore more and don’t shy to grab on to different opportunities in your college career.


Campus Life 

The college you pick will become your new home for the upcoming 3-4 years and, that’s why your campus life is essential. The environment of the college has a direct relation to the performance of students. It will be a wise decision to visit the campus before taking admission. Make sure you explore the hostel facilities of the college if you are not from the city.

In your campus tour, see how much green the campus is, go around and explore the canteen. Also, see if the college provides excellent library facilities so that you can study and read without any issues. In case you are a science student, look for lab and computer facilities. The college must provide advance lab facilities to support your learning.


Academic Support

While choosing a college, check out the support services provided by them like learning and development centres, writing centres etc. There should be centres in the college that help students develop soft skills, prepare them for group discussions and interviews during placements etc.

By acquiring specific practical skills, students’ personality will develop, and they will become future-ready to work in the corporate environment. If you plan to get a job after graduation, then see the past placements opportunities the college you are planning to select provides.

Once you have considered all these factors, then choosing the right college will be simpler for you. At Marwadi University, we care for your future, and so we have made sure that all these factors stated have been taken care of.

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