Workshop on “Learning Programming Logic with Fun” Organized by the Information & Communication Technology Marwadi University on the eve of Foundation Day for the School Students

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Hands on workshop on “Learning Programming Logic with Fun” Organized by Marwadi University
Host Department: Information & Communication Technology.

Software tool : Scratch (open source tool developed by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).
Brief about tool : The MIT media lab’s lifelong kindergarten group, led by Mitchel Resnick in partnership with Montreal firm, co-founded by Brian Silverman and Paula Bonta, together developed the first desktop version of scratch in 2003.
The ability to code computer program is important part of literacy in today’s society. Programming language plays a key factor in improving skill set .With the help of this tool one can program his/her interactive stories, games, and animations and also share creation with others in online community. Scratch helps one to think creatively, reason systematically and work collaboratively. When people learn to code in scratch, they learn important strategies of solving problems, designing projects and communication ideas. It is an important tool of the 21’st century.

Expected learning outcomes:

• Students will be able to learn through project based learning methodology
• Students will be able to learn basics of programming like logic, loop, mathematical operator, sound insertion, animations.
• Students will be able to implement their imagination in to motion based application.
• Students will be able to create program without writing instructions.
• Students will be able to work in a team.

Facilitators: Student and faculties of Information and Communication Technology department, Marwadi University.

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