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Master of Business Administration is a popular program that prepares students to become worthy industry professionals so that they can successfully play the crucial duty of managing company processes and bringing in more growth for the employer. This Best MBA College in Rajkot offers MBA in three Specializations: Marketing, Finance, and Human Resource. MBA in Marketing strives to develop confidence and content delivery skills in the student so that they can participate in the business growth by finalizing more deals for their employers. The can be seen as the executors for a company. MBA in Finance develops statistical and analytical skills so that the students can participate in the proper management of resources and can devise approaches for their efficient utilization in such a way that company can gain more profit in lesser investment.

MBA in Human Resource deals with setting up an efficient team of professionals and encouraging them to work in a collaborative environment. The specialization also seeks for the professional to understand their teammates and try to solve their problems so that they can work hassle free. The Marwadi University – The Top MBA College in Rajkot has researched the current market trends and requirements to devise a curriculum that would meet the following program objectives:

  • To provide experiential learning to the students.
  • To encourage experimental approach of learning over book learning.
  • To study and teach the effects of global scenario on business.
  • To demonstrate the processes and methodologies of filling in business practices and social conventions gap between various localities around the globe.
  • To demonstrate the awareness of political, environmental, legal and economic contexts in a picture on the globe.
  • To demonstrate communication skills and professional interaction for grooming soft skills of students.

Scope of

MBA is one of the widely popular courses that offers big job opportunities with attractive salary packages. Every business, be it be a start-up or well established, continuously hunts for professional Business Administrators who can find the loopholes, plug them and can devise new ideas and processes for quick growth with a stable market stand. MBA professionals enjoy highly paid jobs in uncountable domains, some of them are banking and finance, information system management, investment banking, management consulting, private equity, data analytics and even entrepreneurship give a real existence to their ideas.

Marwadi University popularly known as Best College for MBA in Rajkot has offered large number of placement in reputed organizations since its establishment. The university is regularly in touch with the industry to bring in more career opportunities to the students through campus drives by reputed organizations.


With the provision of seminar halls, activity rooms, projectors, demonstration rooms and numerous other facilities for MBA aspirants, this top out of Best Colleges for MBA in Rajkot aims to attain the following student outcomes:

  • Ability to face challenges and work in the globally competitive surround.
  • Ability to contribute creative and dynamically that would result in achievement of individual and organizational goals.
  • Ability to understand, improve and develop the organizational strategies to meet the corporate objectives quickly.
  • Ability to exhibit the competencies and knowledge in respective functional areas including marketing, finance and management.
  • Ability to work professionally and effectively in teams.
  • Ability to devise and apply the decision-making techniques using quantitative and qualitative analysis.
  • Ability to apply and innovate new business strategies and processes.


Three-year (10+2+3) University Degree in any discipline or a four year (10+2+4) Engineering / Technology / Medicine / Others, recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC)/ Association of Indian Universities (AIU) / AICTE with not less than 50% overall aggregate marks in qualifying degree examination.

  • Final year graduate students can also apply.
  • The candidates have to undergo any of these tests – CAT, MAT, XAT, and ATMA & CMAT.
  • Candidates have to apply to Marwadi University by acquiring an application form from the institutes.
  • Eligible candidates will be called for a personal Interview

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1 03BM2101 Accounting for Managers Core 3 Download
2 03BM1102 Economics for Managers Core 3 Download
3 03BM0109 Statistics for Management Core 3 Download
4 03BM0110 Business, Government & Global Environment Core 3 Download
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6 03BM0112 IT applications in Management Core 3 Download
7 03BM0115 Principles of Management Core 3 Download
8 03BM0116 Organizational Behavior Core 3 Download
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1 03BM0208 Costing for Managers Core 3 Download
2 03BM0209 Financial Management Core 3 Download
3 03BM0210 Human Resources Management Core 3 Download
4 03BM0211 Marketing Management Core 3 Download
5 03BM0212 Production and operations Management Core 3 Download
6 03BM1202 Business Research Methods Core 3 Download
7 03BM0213 QT for Decision Making Core 3 Download
8 03BM0214 Business Analytics Core 3 Download
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1 03BM0301 Strategic Management Core 3 Download
2 03BM0302 Legal Aspects of Business Core 3 Download
3 03BM0303 Summer Internship Project Core 6 Download
4 03BM0304 International Business Core 3 Download
Elective (Sector specific ) choose any one
1 03BM0325 Household and Personal Care Core 2 Download
1 03BM0326 Real Estate Core 2 Download
1 03BM0327 Bulk Drugs Core 2 Download
1 03BM0328 Banking & Insurance Core 2 Download
Elective(Domain Specialization) choose any one
FINANCE (Any Three)
1 03BM0306 Corporate Taxation Core 3 Download
2 03BM0312 Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management Core 3 Download
3 03BM0329 Behavioural Finance Core 3 Download
4 03BM0330 Financial Statement Analysis Core 3 Download
5 03BM0331 Financial Analytics Core 3 Download
Marketing (Any Three)
1 03BM0313 Consumer Behavior Core 3 Download
2 03BM0314 Marketing Communication Core 3 Download
3 03BM0332 Product And Brand Management Core 3 Download
4 03BM0333 Marketing Research Core 3 Download
5 03BM0334 Marketing Analytics Core 3 Download
HRM (Any Three)
1 03BM0316 Change Management & Organizational Development Core 3 Download
2 03BM1317 Compensation & performance Management Core 3 Download
3 03BM0318 Management of Industrial Relations and Labour Legislations Core 3 Download
4 03BM0335 HR Planning and Development Core 3 Download
5 03BM0336 HR Analytics Core 3 Download
International Business(Any Three)
1 03BM2319 International Marketing Core 3 Download
2 03BM0320 International Finance Core 3 Download
3 03BM1321 International HRM Core 3 Download
4 03BM0337 International Negotiations Core 3 Download
5 03BM0338 Global Business Operations Core 3 Download
Semester IV
Serial No. Course code Course name Course Category Credits Download
1 03BM0401 Business Ethics & Corporate Governance Core 3 Download
2 03BM1423 E-commerce and MIS Core 3 Download
3 03BM0437 Comprehensive Project Core 6 Download
Elective (Sector specific ) choose any one
1 03BM0424 Food & Beverages Core 2 Download
1 03BM0425 Rural and Urban Core 2 Download
1 03BM0426 Formulations Core 2 Download
1 03BM0427 Financial Services Core 2 Download
Elective(Domain Specialization) choose any one
1 03BM1409 Financial Derivatives & Risk Management Core 3 Download
2 03BM0428 Quantitative Finance Core 3 Download
3 03BM0429 Financial Markets and Institutions Core 3 Download
Marketing (Any Two)
1 03BM0405 Supply chain Management Core 3 Download
2 03BM0412 Services Marketing Core 3 Download
3 03BM0430 Sales and Distribution Management Core 3 Download
HRM (Any Two)
1 03BM0431 Managing Diversity Core 3 Download
2 03BM0432 HRD-Strategies and Systems Core 3 Download
3 03BM0433 Managing Inter personal and Group Process Core 3 Download
International Business(Any Two)
1 03BM0434 Emerging Markets Core 3 Download
2 03BM0435 International Documentation Systems Core 3 Download
3 03BM0436 Foreign Trade Policy and procedure Core 3 Download
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