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Marwadi Alumni Association shall be continuously striving for abridging a mutual lifelong relationship between the institute and the alumni community.


The mission of the Alumni Committee is to build and expand an environment for the escalation of our students in association with the Alumni members as an eternal relationship between the institute and the alumni members. The correlated efforts shall be generating intellectual competence, novel ideas and the self-indulgence for the entrepreneurship of students and institute shall turn into the growth of Science and Technology in partnership with industry.


  • To hold MOUs with institutes, industries and research oriented organizations for the advancement and propagation of learning.
  • To achieve the global learning platform with excellence in education by enriching the access of the successful graduates.
  • Transcending the verticals in the sustainable and equitable society through innovative research in science and technology.
  • To serve the society by collaborative efforts of institute-alumni partnership towards better living standards.


  • Organizing alumni meet every year.
  • Providing a common platform to the institute students and alumni members for sharing the ideas and experiences.
  • Encourage alumni members to be in contact with the institute to contribute in various technical and cultural activities and occasions.
  • To act as a source of medium for effective communication between the graduates seeking help from the alumni members.
  • Keep the alumni members aware and up to date regarding the most recent achievements and recognitions incurred by the institute.


The Alumni Council shall be the top level governing body of the institute. The Alumni Committee from each department and members of the committee shall monitor smooth functioning and execution of objectives of the alumni council as per following policies:

  • Every successful graduate shall be a member of the alumni association of the institute.
  • One Time payment of Rs. 500/- shall be paid to the institute alumni fund by each member.
  • All alumni members shall be eligible to avail the benefits of all the technical and cultural activities organized by the institute.
  • Alumni members shall have an access to the database through the web portal only on his/her own security credentials provided by the institute.
  • Misuse or fishing of the personal data of alumni members shall not be entertained in any form or by any means.
  • The alumni details are confidential and shall not be shared with outsiders without any written permission from the institute authorities.
  • The hierarchical structure shall be as following

Committee Members
  • Dr. Siddharth G. Shah
    Dr. Siddharth G. Shah Civil Engineering

    Professor, Civil Engineering

  • Prof Amar Gandhi
    Prof Amar Gandhi Faculty of Management Studies

    Faculty of Management Studies

  • Dr Ashish Kakkad
    Dr Ashish Kakkad Faculty of Physiotherapy

    Faculty of Physiotherapy


  • Prof.Vivek Gondalia
    Prof.Vivek Gondalia Faculty of computer applications

    Faculty of computer applications

  • Prof. Yogendra Singh
    Prof. Yogendra Singh Faculty of Law

    Faculty of Law

  • Prof.Ankita Goswami
    Prof.Ankita Goswami Faculty of Pharmacy

    Faculty of Pharmacy

  • Dr. Prashant Ghediya
    Dr. Prashant Ghediya Faculty of science

    Faculty of science

  • Prof. Dipen Rajeshkumar Dangi
    Prof. Dipen Rajeshkumar Dangi Mech Engineering, Faculty of Diploma Studies

    Mech Engineering, Faculty of Diploma Studies

  • Dr. Gaurav Gandhi
    Dr. Gaurav Gandhi AVP, Placement cell

    AVP, Placement cell

  • Ms. Rachita Mehta
    Ms. Rachita Mehta Ms. Rachita Mehta

    Ms. Rachita Mehta

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