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Business Management emphasizes majorly over attaining practical skills for succeeding in the career of management. The main purpose of this course is to generate qualified individuals suitable for various positions in management, marketing, human resource, sales or administration in various business settings over the globe.

Marwadi University, the Best University in Gujarat, offers various sub-courses in Business Management as that of MBA, PGDM and MAM (Dual degree). The key objective of MBA program is to prepare the students with the implied knowledge, analytical ability and enhance management skills that are essentially needed by the leading organizations in the business world. Whereas, PGDM focuses on making the students learn conceptual and analytical skills that are required for effective implementation of Managerial dynamics. Furthermore, MAM (Dual degree) is designed so as to provide a management oriented education to students such that it helps them to take better decisions while working as the managers in the global business environment.
To strengthen the basis of managerial skills in the students and help them attain qualities of a business mindset, Marwadi University makes sure that all the students participate in workshops and tutorial sessions that help them to gain practical knowledge that is useful for long runs. Such kind of activities not only groom them on a personal level but also engage them in teamwork, improve leadership skills, prepares them to compete with the world, solve the challenges as a team, etc.

Broadly describing Business Management as a program along with its sub-courses offered at Marwadi University, the Best College for Business Management in Rajkot aims to attain the following student outcomes:

  • Learn to solve organizational problems by applying qualitative and quantitative approaches.
  • Learn to assess opportunities and threats of the business environment.
  • Enhance ability to effectively communicate to promote respect, trust, and relationships.
  • Learn to apply a variety of business and industrial concepts like marketing, accounting, and human resource management
  • Learn to utilize management concepts and tools needed to effectively make marketing decisions

Master of Business Administration (MBA)
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