• library of Marwadi university top university in gujarat is full of knowledgable books
  • MU Library

There are two main libraries which make up the MU Learning Resource Centre. Specialist collections, use of up-to-date technology, and a team of enthusiastic and dedicated staff all combined to form a library which serves the Users of the Marwadi Education as well as contributes towards the research needs of the Institution, and is one of the best ICT equipped academic libraries in the region.

  • Fully equipped with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Device) Technology
  • Specially devised and designed  Self KIOSK for Self Check in & Check out
  • E-Resource Lab having 60+ computer systems with latest configuration to assist for online research and resources
  • Specially devised and designed Mobile Application having features of; Intimation, Alerts, History, Account Status and Books search facilities
  • Connected with other libraries and resource centers to retrieve information resources worldwide Separate Study rooms and discussion rooms
  • Additional Transportation facility for special Late Evening & Sunday for  Library users
  • More than 50000 books in the library