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Electrical Engineering is a core and an evergreen branch of Engineering. An Electrical Engineer can focus on skill-based learning in various area of Electricity and its applications, such as generation, transmission, distribution and utilization of energy, Instrumentation & Control, Switch-gear & Automation Engineering, Panel Design Engineering, Energy Management and Audit and most importantly in electrical equipment maintenance and repair field also.

This curriculum is designed in such a way that it can fulfill the following objectives:

  • Students will be able to modify, maintain and repair electrical networks and machines for the real-life problems.
  • Students will be able to evaluate the technical problem and will be able to suggest cost effective solutions using modern tools and technology.
  • Students will be able to apply their skills for the sustained development of industry and society.
  • Students will be able to demonstrate professional ethics, good communication and leadership capabilities for continued success enabling him to enjoy the life.

To achieve these diverse objectives, Electrical Engineering Department will strive to identify experienced, committed and dedicated staff who are constantly updating themselves by attending various seminars, workshop as well as interaction with industry and imparting their knowledge amongst the students. The students are also encouraged to convert their conceptual knowledge to practical implementation and the department has laboratories well equipped with state of art technology.

Scope of

As per Electricity Act 2003, power becomes commodity also the world today would not be able to function without electricity. Even open access was accorded to the electricity generation and distribution companies, this introduced business of electricity. Conventional energy sources have limited availability, higher cost, and concerns over environmental issues. Renewable energy sources have given a path for cheaper and clean energy. Servicing and maintenance of electrical equipment and a network is key for continuity of supply. Energy Audit and Energy Management has become necessary. Due to these, the demand for electrical engineers is constantly rising. Electrical Engineers are recruited by private companies, Government sector, consultants and contractor for a field of servicing, operation, maintenance, production, and sales & marketing. Marwadi University through its dedicated training and development center along with department provides training to perform in the placement process being conducted on-campus as well as off-campus drives to meet with the diverse choices of students and needs of the industry.


After completing skill oriented Diploma in Electrical Engineering, student will be able to:

  • Apply properties of material to make useful applications.
  • Select type and size of industrial motors.
  • Choose rating and kind of switchgear and protection scheme applicable to apparatus or system.
  • Measure various electrical and physical properties by using meters and transducers.
  • Install, test and commission electrical apparatus working under different conditions in the electrical network.
  • Do the panel, residential and industrial wiring as per standards.
  • Repair and replace electrical /electronic components and circuits for the safe and reliable operation.
  • Operate and maintain power stations and substations.
  • Prepare estimation, project reports and test report for electrical installations including captive and non-conventional power plants like solar, wind etc.
  • Use computer software and tools to analyse electrical data for prediction and prevention of failures in electrical system.
  • Prepare drawings of electrical installation and to convey the meaning.
  • Apply logic to automate process by using contactors, relays and timers etc.
  • Select, Connect, repair, maintain and operate Domestic Equipments.
  • Serve society by utilizing soft skills, supervisory skills, and ethical values.
  • Carry out energy audit and suggest improvement in process to optimize the use of energy.


For the purpose of admission to the Professional Diploma Courses, a candidate shall have passed the qualifying examination (SSC, STD.10) from, (i) The Gujarat Board; or (ii) The Central Board of Secondary Education Board (CBSE) or the Council of Indian School Certificate Examination, New Delhi or the International School Board or the National Institute of Open Schooling or equivalent, with minimum eligibility criteria of percentage of marks in subjects prescribed by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) from time to time.


  • Elements of Electrical Engineering Lab
  • Network and Control System Lab
  • Electrical Machine Lab
  • Electrical Instrumentation and Measurement Lab
  • Electronics and Digital Electronics Lab
  • Power Electronics and Drive Lab
  • Power System Protection Lab
  • Power System and Utilization Lab
  • Renewable Energy Lab
  • Electrical Workshop

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Graduate Programs



Semester I
Serial No. Course code Course name Credits Syllabus
1 09MA0101 Mathematics-I 6 View
2 09GS0101 Applied Physics 6 View
3 09EE0101 DC Circuits 6 View
4 09SL0101 Communication Skills-I 2 View
5 09CE0101 Computer Fundamental Skill 4 View
6 09EE0102 Electrical Practice 4 View
Semester II
Serial No. Course code Course name Credits Syllabus
1 09MA0201 Mathematics-II 6 View
2 09EE0201 AC Circuit 6 View
3 09ME0101 Engineering Drawing 6 View
4 09SL0201 Communication Skills-II 2 View
5 09CI0203 Environment Conservation &
Disaster Management
4 View
6 09EE0202 Electrical Control Panel Design 6 View

Teaching Scheme

Semester I
Subject Code Subject Name Type Teaching Scheme (Hours) Credits Theory Marks Tutorial/ Practical Marks Total Marks
Theory Tutorial Practical ESE(E) IA CSE Viva (V) Term work (TW)
09MA0101 Mathematics-I BS 2 4 0 6 50 30 20 25 25 150
09GS0101 Applied Physics BS 4 0 2 6 50 30 20 25 25 150
09EE0101 DC Circuits ES 2 0 4 6 50 30 20 25 25 150
09SL0101 Communication Skills-I HSS 0 0 2 2 00 30 20 25 25 100
09CE0101 Computer Fundamental Skill ES 0 0 4 4 00 30 20 25 25 100
09EE0102 Electrical Practice ES 0 0 4 4 00 30 20 25 25 100
Total 8 4 16 28 150 180 120 150 150 750
Semester II
Subject Code Subject Name Type Teaching Scheme (Hours) Credits Theory Marks Tutorial/ Practical Marks Total Marks
Theory Tutorial Practical ESE(E) IA CSE Viva (V) Term work (TW)
09MA0201 Mathematics-II BS 2 4 0 6 50 30 20 25 25 150
09EE0201 AC Circuit ES 2 0 4 6 50 30 20 25 25 150
09ME0101 Engineering Drawing ES 2 0 4 6 50 30 20 25 25 150
09SL0201 Communication Skills-II HSS 0 0 2 2 00 30 20 25 25 100
09CI0203 Environment Conservation & Disaster Management ES 0 0 4 4 00 30 20 25 25 100
09EE0202 Electrical Control Panel Design ES 0 0 6 6 00 30 20 25 25 100
Total 6 4 20 30 150 180 120 150 150 750