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Marwadi Education Foundations Group of Institutions ( MEFGI) has been very keen and Serious about the overall Development of the students and that is why MEFGI gives equal Importance to co-curricular activities along with the academics . There have been various co-curricular and cultural activities taken place at MEFGI technical campus during the span of last five years.

Department Of Performing Arts
(Cultural Club MEFGI)

MEFGI is the only College which has got a separate Department of Performing arts .Performing Arts Consists of Music & Dance .This department is also called as Cultural Club of MEFGI, which is the most happening place where students are given training in Music and Dance By trained Music Teacher and Dance Teacher. It is indeed matter of pride and pleasure that MEFGI is one of the very few technical campuses where such activities are given due importance and there are well qualified, trained and dedicated staff members who trained students professionally.


MEFGI believes in all-round development of an student .That is why there is an separate Music department in the institute which trains students in the field of performing arts.

  1. Institution Consist of Music and Dance Club as a separate Department in the campus.
  2. Separate Rooms for Music and dance club available where in students are Musically Trained under trained experts.
  3. All types of Indian, Western instruments available to learn all goners of Music.
  4. Huge Amphitheatre available for students where in entertaining Movie shows are organized on every Saturdays especially for Hostel Students.

Basic and Advance Level Training in Musical

  • Western Keyboard.
  • Western Drums.
  • Tabla.
  • Harmonium.
  • Electronic Drums.
  • Guitars.

Activities Carried Out By Cultural

  • Cultural Club carries out Music and Dance Club sessions on daily Basis where in students come in group to learn Music and Dance.
  • The students are trained and are prepared for competitions and Other Cultural Events happening at Campus.
  • Festivity Shows like Ganesh Utsav ,Navratri, celebrated at Campus is being executed by cultural Club.
  • Students of ENGINEERING, MAM, MCA takes part in Cultural Activities and are trained by Trained Faculties in Music and Dance.
  • Cultural Club also carries out special Training programmes for Staff Members at MEFGI.
  • Cultural Club also organizes special Evening classes for hostel students after academic hours.

MEFGI has been the first preference for the Gujarat Technological University for organizing any cultural events due to the facilities and infrastructure of the technical campus .MEFGI has prove them correct by hosting the youth festivals (XITIJ) successfully for four years consecutively at zonal level and last year MEFGI got an opportunity to host the youth festival at interzonal level in which around 1500 students from all over Gujarat state participated in various 24 events.

Awards and

  • Every Year youth Festival is organized by GTU ,MEFGI for the past three years has been winning awards in each categories and maximum number of awards in music and dance.
  • MEFGI has been winners of Zonal and State level Champions in Music Category making a mark in the competition.
  • Students get professional level training in Music and Dance which helps them in perusing career in Music and Dance.

MEFGI hold a NATIONAL RECORD of organizing an event on occasion of hanuman jayanti where in 837 students sang Hanuman Chalisa together in same tune and same rhythm.
This Record was certified by WORLDS AMAZING RECORDS.


Students are provided with professional level training in Music and dance.

  • Instrumental Music like Harmonium, keyboards, drums, Tablas, electronic drums, African Drums.
  • Indian Classical and Western Zoner.
  • Voice Training Singing sessions for competitions and events


Classical Kathak and all types of Indian, western Dances Taught. Other Dance forms include – Folk ,Salsa, hip-hop


Consistent Zonal level and Interzonal level champions in performing Arts Category at YOUTH FESTIVAL organized by GTU

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Cultural Committee


Sr No.DateName of the EventNumber Of ParticipantsPrizes Won
121/1/2015Quiz Show70 Organized for hostel students
223/1/2015Get- Together. Staff20
326/1/2015.Republic Day Celebrations22
430/1/2015Drawing Competition23
510-2-2015Quiz Final Round16 Organized for Hostel students12
64-4-2015National Record Hanuman Jayanti Event837
712/4/2015Photography Workshop55
822/4/2015Women Empowerment Seminar200
915/8/2015Independence Day31
1017/9/2015 to 24/9/2015Ganesh UtsavOrganized specially for hostel Students
1118/9/2015 to 20/9/2015Youth Festival161 Total Participants57Zonal Champions Interzonal champions Music Category
125/10/2015 to 7/10/2015.State Level Youth Festival5712
1313/10/2015 to 22/10/2015Navratri FestivalOrganized specially for hostel Students. For Nine days daily Participants – 800 plus
145/10/2015Cultural Evening30
1531/12/2015New Year PartyOrganized specially for hostel Students 1000+
1626/1/2016Republic Day Celebrations21
1726/2/2016Cultural Evening35

Sr.NoDateName of StudentName Of the EventVenue Of the EventPrize Won
118-9-2015Urmi makwanaClassical Vocal solo Youth FestivalSlties – RajkotFirst
2.18-9-2015Dinesh bharyaInstrumental solo
Youth Festival
Slties – RajkotFirst
3.18-9-2015Unnati thakariyaLight  Vocal Indian
Youth Festival
Slties – RajkotFirst
4.18-9-2015Dhairya radiyaWestern vocal soloSlties – RajkotFirst
5.18-9-2015Pranavyas and groupIndian Group song
Youth Festival
Slties – RajkotFirst
6.18-9-2015Dixit bhadani and groupWestern  Group song .Youth FestivalSlties – RajkotThird
718-9-2015Pranav vyas and groupFolk orchestra Youth FestivalSlties – RajkotThird
818-9-2015Khushali rajyaguruClassical dance Youth FestivalSlties – RajkotThird
920-9-2015Darshan salunke and groupskit Youth FestivalSlties – Rajkotsecond
1020-9-2015Nirali patadiya Clay modeling Youth FestivalSlties – Rajkotsecond
116-10-2015Pranav Vyas, Jaydeep Pabani, Mrugani Bhatt, Urmi Makvana, Unnati Thakariya, Zankhna NegandhiFolk orchestra Youth FestivalInter zone level Mefgi –RajkotThird
127-10-2015Pranav Vyas, Jaydeep Pabani, Savan Jadiya, Mrugani Bhatt, Urmi Makvana, Dixit Bhadani, Unnati Thakariya, Zankhna NegandhiIndian group song Youth FestivalInter zone Level Mefgi –RajkotFirst


Sr.NoDateName of StudentName Of the EventVenue Of the EventPrize Won
112-9-2014Urmi makwanaClassical Vocal solo Youth FestivalMarwadi CollegeFirst.
2.12-9-2014Harsh MalakiyaInstrumental solo
Youth Festival
Marwadi CollegeFirst.
3.12-9-2014Unnati thakariyaLight  Vocal Indian
Youth Festival
Marwadi CollegeFirst.
4.12-9-2014Dhairya radiyaWestern vocal soloMarwadi CollegeFirst
5.12-9-2014Unnati Thakariya, Urmi Makwana, Pranav Vyas, Biren Bhijani, Jaydeep PabaniIndian Group song
Youth Festival
Marwadi CollegeThird
6.12-9-2014Sanket Anadani, Jayson Hapaliya, Kevin Makwana, Mitul Savani, Karan Radadia, Pritesh Bhalsod, Devik Bhanderi, Dhaval Vyas, Tejas Vagadia, Dhirendrasinh RanaFolk/tribal DanceMarwadi CollegeSecond
713-9-2014Monish Rajapara, Virali Patel, Divya Manvar, Nisarg Trivedi, Punita Rangaliya, Shashvat Barbhaya, Pushpak Dholariya, Kartik Shukla, Neha ShahOne act playMarwadi CollegeThird
813-9-2014Darshan Shalunke, Rushiv Raval, Gogul Vijayan, Pranav Vyas, Akshat Jain, Priyanka DoshiskitMarwadi CollegeSecond
912-9-2014Payal HothiRangoliMarwadi CollegeThird
1013-9-2014Dipen LadaniPoster makingMarwadi CollegeFirst
1112-9-2014Nitish GautamCartoon makingMarwadi CollegeFirst
1212-9-2014Nirali ptadiyaClay modelingMarwadi CollegeFirst
135-10-2014Urmi makwanaClassical Vocal solo Youth FestivalInter zone -Srpc  unjaFirst

2012- 2013
Sr.NoDateName of StudentName Of the EventVenue Of the EventPrize Won
118-10-2012Khushboo SolankiClassical Vocal solo Youth FestivalMarwadi CollegeSecond
2.18-10-2012Harsh MalakiyaInstrumental solo
Youth Festival
Marwadi CollegeFirst
3.18-10-2012Jaykishan padiyaInstrumental solo
Youth Festival
Marwadi CollegeFirst
4.18-10-2012Khushboo SolankiLight  Vocal Indian
Youth Festival
Marwadi CollegeFirst
5.19-10-2012Hem Zhaveri
Dhairya radia
Harsh Malakiya
Rishi Dave
Western Group song
Youth Festival
Marwadi CollegeThird
619-10-2012Jeremy GonzalvisElocution competition
Youth Festival
Marwadi CollegeFirst
7.20-10-12Monika singhCollage completion
Youth Festival
Marwadi CollegeFirst

2012- 2013

Sr No.Date Name of the EventNumber Of ParticipantsPrizes Won
118/10/2012 to 20/10/2012Youth Festival.1811.

Youth Festivals Zonal Level & Interzonal Level


Zonal Level

Sr No.Event Music CategoryRank Number of Student
1Classical Vocal Music CategoryRank 1- FOE1
2Classical Instrumental Non PercussionMusic CategoryRank 1 – FOT, Rank 2 – FOE2
3Classical Instrumental PercussionMusic CategoryRank 1 – FOE1
4Western Vocal SoloMusic CategoryRank 1 – FOE, Rank 2 – FOT2
5Western GroupMusic CategoryRank 1 – FOE, Rank 2 – FOT, Rank 3 – MAM18
6Indian GroupMusic CategoryRank 1 – FOT, Rank 2- FOE12
7Folk OrchestraMusic CategoryRank 1 – FOE8
8FOLK DanceDance CategoryRank 3 – FOE11
9 Classical DanceDance CategoryRank 3 – MAM11
10Theatre Arts Dance CategoryFOE RANK 18
11Mimicry Dance CategoryRank 3 – FOT1

Interzonal Level

Sr.NoEventCategoryName Of the Event
1Western SoloMusicRank -1 FOT, Rank 2 – FOE.
2.Indian GroupMusicRank 3 – FOT
3.Classical VocalMusicRank 3 – FOE

Over all Result:

All students qualified for the selection process of west zone and AIU.