A Home away from Home


Marwadi University (MU) offers residential facilities, which are amongst of the best hostels in Gujarat for students offering new opportunities for students to live, learn and grow with the promise of a safe environment while providing the right setup for studies and overall development to all its resident students.
MU has fantastic hostels for 4500+ students on Campus, which provides the right environment for studies and overall development to all its resident students. Our purpose-built accommodation options provide students with sophisticated, tech-forward housing during higher education years.
Accommodation is one of the biggest concerns for students and their families, and by providing a safe environment, MU creates a stable foundation upon which young students may build their careers. Our sharp focus on security is designed to reassure parents while their children are away from home. Our hostel offers a modern, safe, and comfortable residence for students.
The hostel is within the university campus. It has separate hostel blocks for Boys and Girls. Our state-of-the-art accommodation makes every student feel like a ‘Home away from home’.
Each hostel has two wardens in-charge to look after the day-to-day affairs and to work. Currently, all hostels are under the supervision of wardens who report to the Chief Warden who is under the direct supervision of the Registrar. Issues, if any, are handled by the concerned warden or functional department with due coordination of wardens and in case of requirement of a policy decision, the matter is brought to the notice of Hostel Head.


The hostel is designed with comfortable, well-planned, safe, comfortable, and contemporary accommodations with convenient-to-use quality fittings. The hostel is well connected with Rajkot city both by government and private transport. Various engagement activities are hosted by the hostel authorities for the resident students throughout the year.
Fully equipped professional outdoor sports grounds, gym facilities, box cricket ground, Indoor Sports and recreation facilities for enthusiastic students provide an international standard living experience.
24/7 security, CCTV surveillance of all doorways, elevators, staircases, and corridors. Online access for daily attendance and for Campus entry and exit purposes.Medical center with all ancillary services such as ambulance and pharmacy. A doctor (during OPD hours) and emergency services are available to him 24 hours a day.
The hostel has dedicated power backup in case of power Failure. The water supply is adequate and 24*7.

Facilities for Hostel Students

MU has four 12/14 storey buildings on campus to provide accommodation to 4500+ students as residents withing Campus. All hostels are linked with centralized food canteen for all hostel inmates.
Each student is provided with following facilities in the hostel bundle:
A cot with a cushion and a mattress, two bed sheets, and two pillow covers.
A chair and a table, a cupboard for storage/safe keeping in two/three/four sharing room with adequate fans and lights, windows, balcony, and curtains etc.
Each resident student is eligible for catering facilities at the university. This includes.
  • Morning unlimited breakfast, tea/coffee/milk/fruit (twice a week)
  • Full wholesome lunch
  • Evening snacks(limited) with tea/coffee
  • Full wholesome Dinner
All menus are designed to provide proper nutritious food. The menu is decided by the Floor rep. committees of the Hostel students.
We have outsourced free laundry service for the following:
  • One pair of clothes daily
  • Weekly towel washing
  • Thrice a month bedsheet/pillow cover wash
Each hostel is equipped with RO filtered water for 24 hours with cooling provision during summer.
Hot water during Winter.


Students who have joined a regular course in the Marwadi University shall be eligible for hostel accommodation for the duration of his/her course. However, allotment of the hostel to the student shall not be a matter of right and the Institute shall have the discretion to allot or not to allot the hostel accommodation to a particular student or a group of students based on the parameters of suitability and need, in the broader interest of the academic environment of the campus.
The Hostel admission shall be renewable at the start of each academic year.
Every boarder shall be admitted or readmitted to the hostel within 15 days of the opening of the Institutions.
Thereafter, no admission or readmission shall be allowed except with the prior permission of the Chief Warden/Management.
Every boarder shall vacate his/her room in the hostel within 3 days of the completion of his/her End-Semester Examinations.
Hostel Fees for Academic Year 2024-25
Hostel Block Type of Room Facility Annual Fee 2024-25 1st Installment 2nd Installment / 2nd Term Only 1-Term for Final Year Students
Hostel A,B,C (Common Washroom) 4 Sharing Non AC 1,10,000 59,000 56,000 71,500
8 Sharing Bunk Bed Non AC 81,000 44,500 41,500 52,650
6 Sharing Bunk Bed AC 1,10,000 59,000 56,000 71,500
4 Sharing AC 1,46,000 77,000 74,000 94,900
Hostel D (Attached Washroom) 2 Sharing Non AC 1,29,000 68,500 65,500 83,850
4 Sharing Non AC 1,18,000 63,000 60,000 76,700
2 Sharing AC 1,76,000 92,000 89,000 1,14,400
4 Sharing AC 1,56,000 82,000 79,000 1,01,400

Hostel Facilities

24×7 Securities
Well-furnished rooms

Wi-Fi Internet facility
Indoor games (Carom, Badminton etc)
Laundry Facility

Library collection of national/international newspapers, magazines, etc. from morning 7:00 am to 8:00 pm
Accomodation of 3500+ Students
Dance room

Hot and Cold Water
Banking Facility

Regular meetings of the student committees and administration department.
Medical Facility

Hostel rooms are fully furnished with beds, ceiling fans and lights, study tables, chairs and inbuilt cupboards.
ATM Facility
Music room

Common room with TV & cable facility
The campus premises has a fully equipped gym and separate courts for Volley Ball, Basket Ball, and Badminton. The concerned staff looks after the university assets and ensures that the hostel remains responsive all the time.
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