A Home away from Home


With countless amenities to make students’ life not just easy but also fun, our hostels offer the perfect balance between academic and personal growth. Choosing a university is also about choosing a new home. We ensure that students dwell in a healthy environment that helps them to grow and learn without any obstacle. We have individual hostels for boys and girls with all modern facilities to ensure their safety and to make sure they get all their basic essentials within the hostel premises.


The following officers constitute the Hostel Management:

A) Dean, Faculty of Management & Head, Administration
B) Member, Advisory Board
C) The Registrar
D) Wardens
E) Hostel Manager
F) Student Representatives from all three Faculty Wings

Each hostel is managed by a Warden/Hostel Manager who is resident in the hostel. The diners of a mess may be drawn from different hostels. Each mess is administered by a Warden.

The students can approach any of the above officers for help, guidance and grievance redressal. Representations to higher officers must be forwarded through proper channel


Students who have joined a regular course in the MEFGI shall be eligible for hostel accommodation for the duration of his/her course. However, allotment of the hostel to the student shall not be a matter of right and the Institute shall have the discretion to allot or not to allot the hostel accommodation to a particular student or a group of students based on the parameters of suitability and need, in the broader interest of the academic environment of the campus.
Allotment of the hostel generally shall be made on the double-sharing basis. However, in exceptional cases, the Director/Head of the Institution, on the recommendation of the Warden may consider single room allotment on the payment of such higher fee as may be decided by him.
The Hostel admission shall be renewable at the start of each academic year.
Every boarder shall be admitted or readmitted to the hostel within 15 days of the opening of the Institutions. Thereafter, no admission or readmission shall be allowed except with the prior permission of the Director/Management.
Every boarder shall vacate his/her room in the hostel within 3 days of the completion of his/her End-Semester Examinations.

Room Type Annual Fees 2023-24 1 st Term Fees 2nd Term Fees
4-Bed Non AC (Hostel A/B/C) 110000 59000 56000
8-Bed Non AC (Hostel A/B/C) 81000 44500 41500
6 Bed AC (Hostel A/B/C) 110000 59000 56000
4 Bed AC (Hostel A/B/C) 146000 77000 74000
4 Bed Non-AC (Hostel D) 118000 63000 60000
2 Bed Non-AC (Hostel D) 129000 68500 65500
4 Bed AC (Hostel D) 156000 82000 79000
2 Bed AC (Hostel D) 176000 92000 89000
*Hostel fee include Dining (Veg) and Laundry facilities. For Non-Veg Meal (Extra) ₹1800/Per Month

Hostel Facilities

24×7 Securities
Well-furnished rooms

Wi-Fi Internet facility
Indoor games (Carom, Badminton etc)
Laundry Facility

Library collection of national/international newspapers, magazines, etc. from morning 7:00 am to 8:00 pm
Accomodation of 3500+ Students
Dance room

Hot and Cold Water
Banking Facility

Regular meetings of the student committees and administration department.
Medical Facility

Hostel rooms are fully furnished with beds, ceiling fans and lights, study tables, chairs and inbuilt cupboards.
ATM Facility
Music room

Common room with TV & cable facility
The campus premises has a fully equipped gym and separate courts for Volley Ball, Basket Ball, and Badminton. The concerned staff looks after the university assets and ensures that the hostel remains responsive all the time.
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