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Welcome to Marwadi University's Research & Development Cell – a hub of innovation, investigation, exploration, and research

Research & Development Cell is dedicated to fostering a culture of curiosity, discovery, and collaboration among our esteemed faculty members, researchers, and students.
At Marwadi University recognizes pivotal role that research plays in driving societal progress and shaping the future. Research & Development Cell serves as a catalyst for transformative ideas, breakthrough technologies, and impactful solutions to real-world challenges. It is our firm belief that research is the cornerstone of advancement, Research & Development Cell aims to create an environment where innovation thrives.
Additionally, Research & Development Cell supports various activities like application for Major Research Projects to external funding agencies, Seed Grant offered by University, appointment of full time research scholars, organizing research sensitization session along with supporting PhD program in various fields at the University.

Key attributes of the Research & Development Cell

01 Interdisciplinary Collaboration

We encourage interdisciplinary collaboration, recognizing that some of the most profound discoveries are made at the intersection of different fields. Research & Development Cell provides a platform for researchers from diverse backgrounds to come together and exchange ideas, fostering a rich environment for cross-pollination of thoughts.

02 State-of-the-Art Facilities

To support cutting-edge research, MU provides state-of-the-art laboratories, equipment, and resources across various domains. These facilities are designed to empower researchers to explore, experiment, and innovate without limitations. Various E-resources from ScienceDirect and Scopus are made available to the university students and scholars.

03 Expert Guidance

Experienced and accomplished faculty members serves as a mentor and guides for researchers, helping them navigate the research landscape, refine their methodologies, and push the boundaries of knowledge.

04 Industry Partnerships

MU understands the importance of real-world application. Hence, through strategic collaborations with industries and organizations, it is ensured that the research efforts are relevant, practical, and have the potential to make a tangible impact on society and the economy.

05 Publication and Dissemination

Research & Development Cell is committed to disseminating research findings through scholarly publications, conferences, seminars, and workshops. MU understands the power of sharing knowledge to inspire further research and innovation.

06 Student Involvement

Initiatives are taken by the research & Development cell to encourage active participation of students in research endeavors, fostering a spirit of inquiry and problem-solving from an early stage. This involvement not only enhances their learning experience but also prepares them for successful careers in academia and beyond.

07 Community Engagement

Beyond academia, Research & Development cell is dedicated to engaging with the wider community by organizing public lectures, exhibitions, hackathons, need based training programs and events to showcase the research achievements and spread knowledge to the general public.
Prof. (Dr.) R. B. Jadeja
Dean Research
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