Centre for Entrepreneurship and Family Business


The Centre for Entrepreneurship and Family business at Marwadi University has been initiated to help the students having family business background to be made “family business ready”. These students usually are not keen on pursuing placement opportunities and don’t wish to work as employees in other companies. The core idea of the centre is to help students solve their family business challenges while they are studying , enabling them to develop a career aspiration to build and grow their family businesses.‎

Broad Scope of the Centre

To spread awareness and help students to aspire for joining family business as a career option
To consult, coach, guide and mentor students for helping them identify and solve family business challenges
Write and publish case studies on family business and research papers
To initiate network building with entrepreneurs in the region and develop an ecosystem of family business entrepreneurs and enterprises
To work with stakeholders in the family business ecosystem for understanding and solving issues and concerns of family business.

Activities at the Centre

One to one sessions with students having a family business background, using principles of coaching and consulting to guide, counsel, mentor and prepare students to identify and solve their family business challenges, while they are studying in their respective programmes.
Organise guest sessions of family business entrepreneurs to share their real life experiences
Conduct consulting for family businesses, organise case writing workshops and conferences on themes associated with family business
Develop a family business start-up culture amongst students, for students to initiate new start-ups within the aegis of culture, context and resources of their family enterprises
Help family business students network with each other to explore business growth opportunities
Help owners of family business enterprises to STEP UP their business by providing business growth coaching and business consulting services

Benefits to Students

Practical guidance for family business growth
Opportunity to solve family business challenges
Learn and network with acclaimed business leaders, coaches and consultants to help family business growth
Learn and apply theoretical frameworks taught in the class to their family businesses
Learn to develop a professional approach towards systematic working of the family business


Family Business Symposium
Session on Exports for Family Business
MU Boot Camp for Family Business Entrepreneurs
Session on Effectuation for 200 plus students
Session on How to Develop Scalable Business Models for MUIIR
Participation in Entrepreneurship Conclave at Chattisgarh
Participation in the Global Startup Summit 21 by 72 at Surat
Orientation programme for MU Students


Devang Patel

Head CEFB, Marwadi University
Coach and Business Consultant
Pursuing PCC Accreditation, ICF USA Meeting Room/Conference Hall with Projection equipment
Ex Dean Xcellon School of Business, Ahmedabad
Two decades of vast experience in coaching, consulting, facilitation
Executive Performance Coach, Flourish Foods, Ahmedabad
Mentor at Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CII), New Delhi, Mentor Coach at Wadhwani Foundation, Start-up Coach at National Entrepreneurship Network, Business Mentor at micromentor.org,
Key Team Member, BNI Sicilian Accelerator, Ahmedabad
Member Executive Team, Global Gujarati Conclave, USA
Life Member, Society of Entrepreneurship Educators ( SEE)
Conducted Entrepreneurship Awareness Camps and Faculty Development Programmes on Entrepreneurship Development for leading Universities of India


Ms Trupti Pandya

Executive Admin at CEFB
4+ years of experience in HR and Administration

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