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The Institute provides canteen facility located within the Institute Campus. The canteen serves breakfast, lunch, snacks & dinner to the students. The Institute has separate hostel facilities for strength of more than 1000+ students. Utmost care is taken to provide hygienic delicious food and water. Strict discipline is maintained in the canteen.
The institute has an extremely well-kept self service cafeteria. It caters to the students’ taste-bud and is a great place to unwind in between the hectic lecture-lab schedules. The cafeteria is a cheerful place to be in at all times. It bustles with irrepressible youngsters’ and brims over with their infectious vibrant spirit.

  • The cafeteria of college is an ideal place for students to hangout and spends leisure time.
  • The cafeteria provides fresh & hygienic food to students.
  • The college canteen is well equipped with modern steam cooking and utensils.
  • Large Canteen hall with a facility for 300 members to dine at a time enables all students and staff to have their breakfast and lunch.
  • Arrangement has been made for the boys and girls to dine separately.
  • A food plaza is also developed at the Amphitheatre.
  • The plaza caters for wholesome food for the campus population. Multi cuisine food with relishing taste is provided to the students at affordable rates.

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