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This is a three years course following semester system. In three years, consisting six semesters, each semester will have subjects with 48 hours of classroom interactions.
A typical week will be of FIVE working days and of 30 hours, including classroom teaching, library sessions and other assignments and practicing sessions.
First to fourth semester there will be common subjects and third year i.e. Fifth & Sixth semesters will have subjects as per the specialisation chosen by the students.



On the successful accomplishment of this Programme, the following outcomes should be expected from students:

  • Develop fundamental awareness of Managerial Skills
  • Understand and appreciate functional skills of Business Management
  • Cultivate a mindset that accepts global changes
  • Analyse various business environments to operate and execute business processes
  • Ability to communicate effectively under various circumstances
  • Ability to perform as team player and as a leader
  • Contribute to the social development by understanding the ethical & moral responsibility
  • Demonstrate analytical approach to solve variety of business problems
  • Cultivate creative and critical thinking



Students are encouraged to apply early and register for courses as soon as possible. This ensures they get the schedule they want and helps the university better manage wait lists. Admissions are done on the basis of marks obtained in the qualifying Examination.


  • Qualification: The students seeking admission in the 1st year of Degree Programme leading to Bachelor of Business Administration shall have to pass the HSC examination (10+2) with minimum of 50% marks.
  • There is no entrance test for this course.

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Bachelor of Business Administration
Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons.)

Graduate Programs



Semester I
Serial No. Course code Course name Course Category Credits Download
1 04LS1102 Principles of Management Core 4 Download
2 04LS1103 Micro Economics Core 4 Download
3 04LS1104 Business Organisations & Structures Core 4 Download
4 04LS1105 Fundamentals of Accounting Core 4 Download
5 04CR1101 Career Readiness Programme Skill Development 2 Download
Select Any One
6 04BB0106 Mathematics for Business Core 4 Download
7 04LS1107 Computer Essentials Core 4 Download
Select Any One
8 04SL0102 Reading & Writing for Business Skill Development 2 Download
9 04SL0103 Speaking & Presentation Skills Skill Development 2 Download
Semester II
Serial No. Course code Course name Course Category Credits Download
1 04LS1202 Cost Accounting Core 4 Download
2 04LS1203 Macro Economics Core 4 Download
3 04LS1204 Organizational Behaviour Core 4 Download
4 04LS0205 Statistics in Business Core 4 Download
5 04LS1206 E-Commerce Core 4 Download
6 04LS0212 Applications of Spreadsheet Skill Enhancement 2 Download
Select Any One
7 04SL0152 English for Workplace Skill Development 2 Download
8 04SL0153 English through Movies Skill Development 2 Download
Semester III
Serial No. Course code Course name Course Category Credits Download
1 04BB0301 Marketing Management Core 4 Download
2 04BB0302 Human Resource Management Core 4 Download
3 04BB0303 Business Environment Core 4 Download
4 04BB0304 Research Methodology Core 4 Download
5 04BB0305 Financial Management Core 4 Download
6 04BB0306 Business Laws Core 4 Download
7 04BB0307 Fundamentals of Digital Marketing Core 2 Download
Semester IV
Serial No. Course code Course name Course Category Credits Download
1 04BB0401 Production & Operations Management Core 4 Download
2 04BB0402 Management Information System Core 4 Download
3 04BB0403 Income Tax – Law and Practice Core 4 Download
4 04BB0404 Indian Financial System Core 4 Download
5 04BB1405 Entrepreneurship Core 4 Download
6 04BB0406 Management of Services Core 4 Download
7 04BB0407 Basics of French Language Core 2 Download
Semester V
Serial No. Course code Course name Course Category Credits Download
1 04BB0501 Operations Research Core 4 Download
2 04BB0502 Strategic Management Core 4 Download
3 04BB0503 Project Management Core 4 Download
4 04BB0504 Brand India : From Local to Global Core 4 Download
5 04CR0501 Career Readiness Program Skill Development 2 Download
Finance Specialization
6 04BB0507 Management of Financial Markets Core 4 Download
7 04BB0508 Banking Core 4 Download
Marketing Specialization
8 04BB0509 Consumer Behaviour Core 4 Download
9 04BB0510 Retail Marketing Core 4 Download
HR Specialization
10 04BB0511 Employee Welfare & Social Securities Core 4 Download
11 04BB0512 Compensation Management Core 4 Download
Semester VI
Serial No. Course code Course name Course Category Credits Download
1 04BB0601 Business Ethics & Corporate Governance Core 4 Download
2 04BB0602 Management Accounting Core 4 Download
3 04BB0603 International Business Core 4 Download
4 04BB0604 Project Core 8 Download
Finance Specialization
5 04BB0605 Advance Financial Management Download
Marketing Specialization
6 04BB0606 Advertising Management Download
HR Specialization
7 04BB0607 Change Management Download
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