A Complete Guide to Launch a Start-Up as a College Student
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A Complete Guide to Launch a Start-Up as a College Student

The college days are full of fun and memorable experiences. But in those same day’s students are blessed with extraordinary ideas that are sure to solve problems and give birth to newer business opportunities. But launching your start-up while being in college is not an easy task. It requires time, effort, intelligence and dedication for sure.  

So, if you are also an aspiring entrepreneur studying in college then this start-up guide is all you might need! 

Now that you have found a genius business idea for your start-up, it is time to present the idea. Make sure your product or service is as specific as it can be. Prepare the audience that your idea is supposed to target and how it will help them to solve their problem and make their lives easier, thanks to you.  

How do you start a business in college? 

Where do I find start-up ideas? 

Most student founders start their businesses by identifying an issue that they or someone close to them is experiencing in their lives. 

Greatest businesses are often just a simple solution to the age-old problem that makes everyone’s life quite difficult. Just take the example of a suitcase. Can you imagine how hard it is to carry your luggage in your bag because your suitcase lacks wheels? Some genius guy strapped the wheels to the suitcase and boom it becomes easier than ever. This is really simple but the thing is that nobody ever thought of this idea until they saw it. This is how innovative ideas are born! Keep an eye out. Find a problem that people are experiencing, and then consider how you may remedy it. 

Ask the knowledgeable 

This is the concept behind the start-up null hypothesis. Before digging into a concept, you must ensure that there is an issue worth solving and that the answer precisely meets the needs of your users. From my experience, I recommend that you do this before devoting significant time to developing the product or service. These are known as “customer discovery” interviews, and they are required to ensure that you are tackling a real problem. And apart from this, also ask the right people the right questions so that your queries may get solved easily.  

Give it a try 

The most common error that new entrepreneurs make is investing too much time and money in ideas that are doomed to fail. One of the reasons this occurs with entrepreneurs is that they labour and exist in solitude after their enterprises are established. You’re still in college, so you’re surrounded by clever individuals who can give you advice. If your business idea is reasonably priced, you can create a rudimentary scaled-down version and test it. In the case of the grilled pizza app, for example, you could distribute flyers with the phone number and see whether anyone phones. 

Research Your Competitors 

There are high chances that you are not the only one in the market selling the product. Which clearly means competitors. And entering the market without properly researching your competitors is a bad idea.  

Know who your competition is. You can incorporate features into your product or service that your competitors do not. This will provide you with more clout for your goods or service. This is the strategy that any competitive company will employ. 

Use your Status as a Student to Leverage 

Finally, leverage and publicise your status as a student who is beginning something amazing. Begin by contacting your local radio station and newspaper. You may also utilise the internet to promote yourself in a variety of ways. 

How can Marwadi University help you with this? 

India is home to some of the most innovative start-ups and genius ideas. But in order to make those ideas a full-fledged business one requires the leverage, guidance and mentorship that Marwadi University offers.  

The government of India works in the direction of building entrepreneurship skills in the students so they may achieve greater heights in the future. The government aims to achieve this dream by partnering with various educational institutes such as Marwadi University.  

Apart from this Marwadi University runs an Entrepreneurship Development Cell (E-Cell) that serves the purpose of delivering the youth with unique opportunities to launch their business ideas.

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