Job Opportunity – 2020

Job Opportunity – 2020

Within a blink of the eye, the year 2019 has almost come to an end and everyone is all set to welcome the year 2020. For the upcoming year, be wise and take decisions for the betterment of your life. To help you do so with your career, we present you with the Job Trends of the year 2020.

The professions mentioned below will be quite valued and will generate significant revenue for the year 2020. Explore them here.

Big Data Analysts:

‘Big Data’ has emerged as a major term in today’s world. It helps companies to comprehend and analyse data to use it further for gains. A Big Data Analyst is the one who comprehends this data and takes it further. With the world relying more and more on this Big Data for progress, Big Data Analysts will be quite in demand in the upcoming year.

Thus, it is recommendable to pursue a postgraduate diploma in Big Data Analytics. Any BCA, BSc (IT/CS/Maths/Statistics), BE, or equivalent graduate can apply for this course and learn various aspects of Big Data in detail. The duration of this course at our Marwadi University, one of the top Universities of Gujarat, is 1 year that is further divided into 2 semesters.

Cybersecurity Experts:

Though the invention of the Internet has revolutionised the world in many positive ways, it has also opened ways for Cyber-attacks. So far, these attacks have done significant harm to the ones who have suffered from it. And in the near future, they only appear on the rise. This is where Cybersecurity experts play a vital role. They not only prevent such attacks for organisations but also give solutions if any such attack occurs.

To become a Cybersecurity expert, you must pursue a Cybersecurity course. These courses vary in duration. The Cybersecurity course offered at Marwadi University is a 36-hour program and covers detailed modules of this field. An individual with technical, management or legal background is liable to pursue it.

Event Planners:

As per experts of the economy say, people will never stop celebrating their joys and they will never refrain from making those celebrations worth remembering. And Artificial Intelligence can’t really replace the human imagination which can plan such events creatively and execute them as per the expectations of the individuals. Such creativity is brought by Event Planners. In 2020, such events will happen on a bigger scale for a wider audience, generating huge scope for Event Planners.

To become an Event Planner, you must pursue Event Management courses from a reputed institute. Such an institute will give you a wide scope for events. Thus, you can gain experience even before you are on the practice field. The fees of the course can range between ₹20,000 – ₹1,20,000 and the duration can vary from 1 year to 5 years.

Computer Programmers and Software Developers:

With the progressing world, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Virtual Reality (VR) have now become a reality. And without any doubt, they are all set to take over the world. These technologies have also given a boost to Computer-related jobs in the upcoming year like Computer Programmers and Software Developers.

Thus, pursuing an Engineering course in the field of Electronics & Communication, Information Technology, Electrical, Automobile, Computer Engineering, and Information & Communication Technology to gain knowledge in the field of Computers. If you are inclined towards Mechanical, Civil, Chemical, etc. engineering courses, then you can pursue it first and then can opt for a number of Certificate courses in the field of computers.

Marketing Professionals:

Well, just have a look around yourself. The roads you travel by, the digital platforms you use, and everything else you do – You are constantly being attracted to some of the other brands. This is happening due to extensive marketing being carried out brands across all possible platforms. Apparently, such marketing will continually gain quite a lot of support in the upcoming year. In fact, new ways of influential and efficient marketing will be highly encouraged to reap the best benefits for brands. This means that innovative Marketing professionals will be demand in 2020!

Hence, go for an MBA course in Marketing from a reputed MBA college. You can also opt for a Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing to save your time and money. Unlike the 2-Year MBA course, this course is only a year and the fee is quite less.

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