Leaders are not born they are made!

Leaders are not born they are made!

Leaders are not extraordinary people, in fact, they are just ordinary people who think extraordinarily. There are many leaders who led masses, countries, revolutions and became unforgettable to all. What makes them so remarkable is that a number of people follow their example. These leaders are not born to lead, they work hard and show extraordinary courage and willpower, which attracts others. Education, the right kind of teachers and college, undeniably has a huge effect on students’ personality. Colleges (Universities) like Marwadi University, work on the all round personality of the students. This enables the students to recognise the leader in them. Hard work is the key to success, and a true leader understands and implements this in his life. A leader knows the value of diligence and sincerity to achieve one’s goal. But makes them leaders is that they recognize this effort and hard work in others as well and encourage. Leaders are not intimidated by the success of others, and that is only possible when they are confident and sure of themselves.

mu-leadershipA good college makes sure that its students feel confident and are ready to become leaders of future. As Roy T. Bennett quoted in his ‘The Light in the Heart’ “Great leaders create more leaders, not followers.” Therefore, it is very important to acknowledge the role of teachers or ‘gurus’ in the process of creating leaders. Best colleges in Gujarat like Marwadi University have brilliant teachers who encourage and inspire the students to lead for a good cause and work hard for it. They set examples for the students to follow and reach greater heights in their future. These leaders then created, not only lead people but also become a paradigm of hard work and excellence for others.

leader in muAs Ben Roethlisberger rightly said, “Leadership is something you earn, something you’re chosen for. You can’t come in yelling, ‘I’m your leader!’ If it happens, it’s because the other guys respect you.” Attaining a leadership requires a lot of efforts and courage. It means you take the responsibility of the entire team. Good leaders are good friends, who bond with their team and encourage them. They allow those working with them to grow and succeed and thus win their hearts and respect as a leader. Leaders do not instruct people, they work and set examples for people to follow. They are free in their minds to explore new ideas and brave enough to implement them. This sense of confidence is installed or enhanced during the college days. A good college like Marwadi University allows the students to find their passion and follow it, and become the best at whatever they choose to pursue. A good leader is the one who influences his team mates to work better, do better, and be better. “The key to successful leadership today is influence, not authority,” said Ken Blanchard. Therefore, it is important to understand that no one is born a leader. One becomes a leader by what he chooses to pursue and how it influences and inspires others too.

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