Student Clubs

Students Clubs at Marwadi University are for the students and by the students. Clubs are all related to describe Culture at the campus. Marwadi group is famous for the vibrant campus and have clubs of various domains like Astronomy, Networking, Cisco, Movie, Cultural and Innovation club.


Best University in Rajkot,Marwadi University provides a wealth of opportunities that will demand commitment, dedication and skill development. You can achieve national recognition through inter-college and Involvement at any level is encouraged. All sporting facilities are regularly available for every use, accommodating students who enjoy structured participation and those who find a program of recreation and exercise most beneficial.


Books are the bridge between innovation and knowledge. Marwadi University has First ever Guinness World Record Library with digital presence to produce outstanding work.

Entrepreneurship Cell

The institute is committed to encourage entrepreneurial activities proactively. A separate entrepreneurship cell known as Entrepreneurship Development Cell (E-Cell) , Marwadi University has been establish to induce the entrepreneurship spirit among students and make them excited to start their own venture/enterprise.

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