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Model United Nations (MUN) is a popular educational simulation and academic activity that involves students, typically in high school and college, role-playing as delegates to the United Nations and simulating the workings of UN committees and other international organizations. MUN allows participants to develop their knowledge of international affairs, diplomacy, and negotiation skills while also improving their public speaking, critical thinking and research abilities. Here is some detailed information about Model United Nations:
Simulation of the United Nations: In a MUN conference, students represent different countries and take on the roles of diplomats or delegates, emulating the real United Nations. They are assigned to specific UN committees or bodies, such as the General Assembly, Security Council, or specialized agencies like the World Health Organization or the United Nations Environment Programme.
Research: Participants are expected to research and become well-versed in the policies, positions, and perspectives of the country they represent. This involves understanding the country’s history, foreign policy, current events, and relevant international issues.
Debate and Resolution Writing: Delegates engage in debates, discuss global issues, and work collaboratively with other delegates to draft resolutions. Resolutions are proposed solutions to the problems or topics under discussion and must reflect the interests and positions of the represented country.
Diplomacy: MUN emphasizes diplomacy and negotiation. Delegates must represent their country’s interests while also seeking common ground with other nations to pass resolutions and address global challenges.
Public Speaking: Participants are required to deliver speeches, make formal statements, and engage in impromptu debates. Public speaking is vital in MUN, as delegates must effectively communicate their country’s positions.
International Awareness: MUN fosters global awareness and understanding. It encourages students to think critically about complex international issues, appreciate diverse perspectives, and understand the challenges and complexities of diplomacy and international relations.
Soft Skills: MUN hones various soft skills, including teamwork, leadership, negotiation, research, and time management. It also helps build self-confidence and adaptability.
Conferences: MUN conferences are held at various levels, from local and regional events to national and international conferences. These events typically last several days and involve multiple committees and topics.
Networking: Participants have the opportunity to meet and interact with students from diverse backgrounds and cultures, helping to build international friendships and networks.
Educational and Career Benefits: Participation in MUN can be a valuable addition to a student’s academic and extracurricular portfolio. It is often viewed favorably by colleges and universities, and it can also be a stepping stone to careers in international relations, diplomacy, law, and politics.


Model United Nations is a simulation of the United Nations (UN) where students represent different countries and engage in debates and discussions on international issues in various committees. Students assume the roles of representatives from various nations and work towards resolving problems in the real world using the ideologies and viewpoints of the nation they are representing. The delegate would be required to analyze global issues like climate change or nuclear non-proliferation from the policies and viewpoints of that allotted portfolio. MUNs also have Model Youth Parliaments in the form of Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha, and AIPPM (All India Political Parties Meet) where students represent different politicians and political parties of India and discuss national issues concerning India.
Marwadi University is organizing a MUN (Model United Nations) on 4th and 5th November 2023 at the University Campus with 12 interesting committees. It includes the International Committees of the United Nations (UN) as well as the Indian Model Youth Parliament committees.


Students of high school and above till graduation level across all the schools and universities in India.



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