Study about the stock market in BBA (Financial Markets) Course

Study about the stock market in BBA (Financial Markets) Course

Financial markets are common for all countries, and they play a significant role in the economic growth of the country. Financial markets refer to a marketplace where trading of all financial securities take place. It comprises platforms such as the stock market, the bond market, foreign exchange, and derivates among many others.

Here we are focusing on how the study of financial markets in an undergraduate program will help pursue a career in the stock market field. With more heads turning towards the stock market investments, educational and career opportunities in the field of the stock market are exceeding. Let us now learn in detail.


 Stock Market – Overview

The stock market refers to a public platform where activities like buying, selling and issuing shares of companies that trade on stock exchanges take place. In brief, the stock market is a safe and secure environment where investors can buy and sell shares and other financial instruments with certainty. The risk and reward balance in the stock market is better compared to any other investment instrument.

In India, there are two types of stock exchanges where trading takes place. They are as follows:

  1. Bombay Stock Exchange
  2. National Stock Exchange


Impact of the stock market on the Indian economy

According to India Today, the stock market performance is a barometer, which indicates the performance of economic activities of India. In most of the cases, the stock market can predict future events. Stock market movements have a thorough economic impact on the country as share price collapse can disrupt the economy on a larger scale. The market fluctuations vary considering, the current event or market rumors. For example, there was a stock market crash from 20th February 2020 to 7th April 2020 due to coronavirus, which signaled Covid-19 recession.


BBA in Financial Markets – Study of stock market

For a career in the stock market, aspirants from commerce and management background are more preferred. You can pursue, Bachelors of Business Administration in Financial Markets a 3-year undergraduate program, the course includes studying the stock market, which is helpful to make a career in the same field. The most important outcomes of pursuing BBA in financial markets are as follows:

  • Gain in-depth knowledge of financial markets
  • Basic software training for the development of investment and trading skills
  • An analytical approach for solving business problems

To know detailed outcomes of the course, click here.

The study of financial markets will help understand the global financial market and trends, which will help get insights into what impact the stock market has on the Indian economy. After pursuing BBA in financial markets, you can consider going for masters in finance or study postgraduate certified courses in the stock market. It will help you get an additional advantage for outshining in the field.


Career Scope – Overview

Awareness of the stock market has risen with changing times. The number of companies getting listed on the stock exchange has increased. On the other hand, for higher returns, the number of investors shifting from traditional investment instruments to equity and mutual funds has also increased. These have led to the growth of employment opportunities in the field of the stock market. Let us now go through some job roles in the stock market field –

  • Financial Advisor
  • Portfolio Management Services
  • Research Analyst
  • Financial Analyst
  • Equity Analyst
  • Hedge Fund Manager
  • Mutual Fund Manager
  • Risk Analyst

All these job roles vary from one another and help to understand the stock market in depth.

The stock market is a very versatile field and has a lot of scope for a successful career. If required skillset is acquired, it can help your career reach new heights. But the universities you choose to pursue a course from play a vital role in constructing your career, so make sure you choose the best college. Marwadi University is one of the best colleges for business management study in Gujarat. Marwadi University has been accredited as the only NAAC A+ University in Gujarat.

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