What are the Benefits of Pursuing an MBA after B.Com?

What are the Benefits of Pursuing an MBA after B.Com?

For years, students from all the fields, be it arts, science or commerce, have considered pursuing an MBA for postgraduation. The reason behind that are the increasing work challenges in the companies. With rising challenges, there has been a rise in the demand for skilled professionals who can give intelligent solutions to business problems. An MBA degree helps one acquire skills and knowledge to help solve such business challenges in the future.

Though any person can study an MBA after completing their undergraduate course, pursuing it after completing B.Com is one good choice. An MBA after B.Com helps a candidate with a plethora of opportunities to build a career. Though a student is subject to a wide range of career opportunities after B.Com, there are some excellent advantages of pursuing an MBA after B.Com to build a successful career.

Check out below some good reasons to pursue an MBA after B.Com:

  • Attaining Specialization
  • Great Career Opportunities
  • Experience-Based Learning
  • Better Pay Scale
  • Entrepreneurial Skills


Attaining Specializations 

B.Com provides you with basic knowledge of finance, marketing, business planning, economics, accounting and many other related subjects. You have no option to specialize in one particular area in B.Com. B.Com (Hons.) still lets you specialize in the final year. But B.Com is a simple course about commerce and business.

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If you are inclined towards a specific area of study and wish to build a career in it, an MBA will let you get more specified and specialized experience. Some of the general specializations in MBA are finance, marketing, operations, international business and HR. Some MBA programs let you specialize industry-specific too, such as IT, hotel management etc. There are plenty of options available in MBA that might confuse you on which one to choose.


Great Career Opportunities 

B.Com helps you learn vital business aspects that are studied in-depth and enhanced after one pursues an MBA. MBA is highly credible and most widely accepted in the industries. The degree open doors to a lot of career opportunities in public, private or non-profit sectors. An MBA graduate can work in banking, insurance, media, FMCG, consumer durables etc.

The job opportunities after pursuing an MBA are immense. With so much competition nowadays, a dynamic duo of B.Com and MBA will help you stand out from the crowd and grab the best job opportunity. Also, for those who are not sure about what they wish to do, an MBA is a great choice to explore new options and pick out the ideal one.


Experience-Based Learning

While B.Com will help you understand all the theoretical concepts in Commerce, it is an MBA that will teach you their application. In MBA, you will time and again work on various projects that will require you to do research and analysis of the industry. It ensures that one will have learning that is practical and in lines with the industry standards.

Doing such projects help you actually understand the theoretical concepts and the relevance it has. And summer internship will help you gain complete practical exposure to the work one does in the businesses and their culture.


Better Pay Scale

With only a B.Com qualification, you may not be able to get a good job that promises higher earnings at the beginning of your career. However, with an MBA degree, you can get higher pay and also negotiate your salary expectations. An MBA degree after B.Com will increase your expected earnings to a much higher range.

Overall, grabbing a higher package becomes much easier when you have a postgraduate degree. If you have business acumen and adequate skills, starting your own company is the best option. The average pay of an MBA graduate has increased because of the rising demand for MBA professionals.


Entrepreneurial Skills

An MBA programme is the most suitable when you wish to develop and acquire new skills. When you are acquainted with such skills, your confidence boost, and you will be ready to begin your entrepreneurial journey successfully. Starting your own business right after completing B.Com could be a little scary.

Moreover, with an MBA, you will be able to build a strong professional network with your peers and professors who have substantial experience in the management world. Such professional connections will take you a long way and help you grow in the business world.


Final Thoughts 

From aiding you to acquire skills and knowledge needed in the business environment to your personal and professional growth, MBA has many benefits and reasons to choose it. We hope that this post will help you make a wise choice, as an MBA after B.Com is definitely a valuable investment.

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