10 most important things for the Best Engineering College

10 most important things for the Best Engineering College

To create is Engineering, to involve concepts is Engineering, to use Science is Engineering, and to invent the uninvented is Engineering”

sportsThe world has turned into a place for brilliant personalities to venture in and take it to a phase where anything is possible. Chemicals, computers, mechanics, electricity, physics, etc. have brought together a new era of high-technology and are being more advanced at a faster pace for a better tomorrow. To let such minds prosper and broaden the way of seeking excellence in a particular field, the society has made space for such an institution that has the ability to transform simple knowledge into quality technical education center imparting practical skills with correct and appropriate character building.

The concept of creation of a new concept is what we know as “Engineering” and an institution where engineers give birth to their forte of excellence and make their conceptual base rock strong towards their venture of innovations and inventions is what we call as an “Engineering college”.

Engineering is a way of setting wings to new ideas that leads to the emergence of a solution resolving issues of today and sustaining mankind of tomorrow. It is very necessary to set up a foundation so firm that can stand with all the peculiar qualities an engineering institute should be constituted of Marwadi University is the No.1 University in Gujarat that imparts an ideal space to bloom young minds and spirits in engineering. It is known that the university is the best place that imparts technical, theoretical & conceptual knowledge in science and technology and designs a perfect platform that showcases their talented gems to the world.

10 most important things Marwadi University-the best Engineering college in Gujarat possesses:
  1. scholarship360 Degree education- Engineers showcasing the brilliance at work are not only accustomed to perform exceptional at scholastic, but also keeping a sharp edge with overall personality, good communication skills, professional etiquettes, conduct and mannerism at the workplace. Marwadi University offers an innovative teaching methodology known as 360 degree education that enables the students to strongly withstand such requirements and has devised such a curriculum for the students that focuses on imparting knowledge on theoretical subjects as well as making them skillful at sheer practicality.
  • Memorandum Of Understandings- Marwadi University befits the status of Best Engineering college in Rajkot as it has signed multiple MoUs with trending organizations in the global market such as IBM, ORACLE, TCS, NASSCOM, etc. The University makes sure that students are well aware of the technologies, industries are scavenging for today. Such MoUs are conducted in the form of market exposure, certification courses, special training sessions, Research parks with advanced technologies, online examinations, free software services and much more, every year.
  • Advanced labs and research facilities- Engineering cannot be acquired professionally without in-depth knowledge of their field. Its persuasion by implementing key concepts practically is mandatory to be called as a “True Engineer”. Marwadi University is furnished with advanced and up-to-date technological labs ensuring that the engineers of tomorrow are well-aware and ready to enter industrial world. MU offers labs such as Mechatronics lab, Bosch lab, Workshops, CNC/VMC labs, Guinness World record achiever Library with numerous and excellent research facilities, etc.
  • Placement cell- After the engineering course is about to complete, students expect to be placed with outstanding packages in the global market. MU has a venture for a placement cell that has a track record of exceptional placements with global career opportunities. The highest package of 10 Lakhs per annum was taken in the year 2017. Placement cell at MU deciphers the market need and provides training sessions and comprehensive development programs to inculcate the spirit of professionalism with proficiency in academics in parallel.
  • Diversity in teaching- Faculties, here at MU, is more than just mentors. They are motivators for the students and have a great deal of knowledge and skills to disseminate. Faculties at Marwadi University are here from across the globe. What they are concerned more about, is how to make the students grasp the imparted knowledge naturally, that is, with ease? They are masters of their subjects and are equally capable to make their pupils strong enough on their concepts. Professors involve the pupils into research subjects and emphasize more over innovations.
  • Explore mU-minEvents and clubs- Events are the heartthrob of Marwadi University. The university celebrates diverse cultures and fests to illuminate the culture here. Other than technical education, a student needs a light and lively environment, making their minds ecstatic. They can join various clubs of the college, according to their choice. These events and clubs act as add-ons to the co-scholastic activities. Numerous technical events, education programs, university fests, sports competitions, entrepreneurship camps, industrial visits and many more of them, are organized every year
  • World-class Infrastructure MU is spread across wide and integrated campus with highly advanced facilities all around. Pupils and faculties can feel the comfort and convenience while conducting their jobs into studying and teaching respectively. Leisurely surroundings give a source of relaxation and tranquillity. The university offers interactive and world-class teaching facilities as well delivering sophisticated study atmosphere.
  • AlumniHolistic development of students- Children are availed with personal guidance aiding in their process of holistic development through mind, body and soul. To pursue engineering as a field is not a butter walk. It requires impeccable hard work to give birth to the best out of them by providing overall nourishment by means of either college or guest lecturers through experts or through industry exposure or soft skill development programs, etc.
  • Entrepreneurship cell- Marwadi University lends full support towards those who are more into entrepreneurship and are inclined towards a business-oriented mindset. This E-cell is open for all and plans various workshops, speaker sessions, competitions and professional networking events to bring out the enthusiastic entrepreneurs of tomorrow. This E-cell fosters upon those who aspire to indulge themselves in entrepreneurial activities.
  • awardsInternational seminars and lecturers Professors from international and renowned institutions visit Marwadi University every year for giving guest lecturers to the students here. The students get privilege to learn something out of the box helping them to discover new ventures and concepts by communicating with them. The guest lecturers focus on a particular topic and may consist of cooperative discussions, opportunities to share new technological perspectives or for gaining expert knowledge.
Marwadi University, the Top University in Rajkot, is a platform that offers the ample number of opportunities and unrivaled system furnishing a perfectly coordinated study atmosphere and helps to bring laurels to their career.
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