5 ways Artificial Intelligence is reinventing Human Resource

5 ways Artificial Intelligence is reinventing Human Resource

We can say that Artificial Intelligence has developed exponentially over the past decade, and now it is believed that AI will reinvent the Human Resource department. AI can now perform complex tasks like learning, speech recognition, reasoning, sensory perception, problem-solving, among others, and this can assist HR in repetitive tasks like hiring, onboarding, learning & development. This will allow HR teams to focus more on creative & strategic work.

Let’s look at the five ways AI is transmuting HR functionality:

1- Resume Screening: We know that screening the resumes is not that difficult task, but it is quite time-consuming. In this process, AI can be very helpful in examining the hundreds of candidates from job networking sites by searching through the applicant’s online presence via a social media platform. It will also predict how likely they would accept the role if offered. It will make the decision-making process simple.

2- Chatbox FAQs: When any new employee joins the organization, they might have lots of questions regarding Wi-Fi settings, protocols, e-mail accounts, etc. AI can assist them and solve those queries, and one can also program new queries as they arise. It can also help any potential customer who visits the website. The main advantage of chatbox is that it is available 24/7 to solve user’s queries.

3- Document Generation: Organizations can generate offer letters, acceptance letters, client contracts, or any other vital documents the employee or client might need using Natural Language Processing (NLP). Even if AI can generate all the papers, a human still needs to authorize the documents to make sure that they have all the necessary information and is signed properly.

4- Feedback Analysis: Going through all the feedback can be tricky as one will not be able to gauge the ultimate reaction. And, feedbacks & insights play a very crucial role in the continuous development of the organization. AI can go through all the data and provide HR with valuable insights. This will allow HR managers to assess employee sentiment and client satisfaction, which will ultimately result in overarching effectiveness of HR processes.

5- Calendar and Schedule Maintenance: It is obvious that organizations have many essential tasks that need immediate action, and so it can be difficult to maintain the regular scheduling of the calendar. During such times, AI can help organize and maintain the personal calendar of all the employees. It will send you alerts about all the upcoming duties, deadlines, meetings, etc. It will save lots of time of the employees, which will ultimately increase productivity.

AI is contributing significantly to simplify the tasks of all the fields like it is doing for the HR department. Yes, many tasks will be handled by AI, but the need for human intervention will always be there at the end of the tunnel. And so it is the right time to start your career in either of these fields.

If you want to enter the AI field, you should opt for B.Tech in Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence), and if you want to enter the HR department, you should opt for MBA in Business Analytics. And to do these courses, select the best university with NAAC A+ certificate like- Marwadi University. Moreover, MU has been also accredited as BEST ENGINEERING COLLEGE OF INDIA – WEST 2016.

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