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In recent decades, there has been a lot of revolutionary efforts by eminent industry professionals that have resulted in the inception of attractive business opportunities spanning a wide range of applications. Origin of new ideologies has led to the onset of new business principles and have resulted in the dawn of new career opportunities in commercial sectors. In the current decade, both sales and service delivery sectors are witnessing a rapid growth in business and employment opportunities. Bright opportunities have inspired people to step up and become entrepreneurs with unique ideas and delivery methodologies that have converted the globe into a small village.But, bright opportunities are en-cashed only after attaining adequate fundamental knowledge of business concepts, principles, and methodologies from experienced people.

Bachelor of Commerce is an undergraduate degree course that offers the development of a wide spectrum of managerial skills in students along with building up a strong competence in the specific area of business studies. Students pursuing this course learn about general principles of business management, and knowledge of finance, accounting, statistics, economics, marketing, etc. Marwadi University, considered as the top university for in Rajkot, understands the appetite of a market as well as students who want to stand on the stairs of success. The University has appointed faculties who have vast experience in the business sector and have in-depth knowledge of principles and challenges faced by the industry.There are classrooms equipped with projectors where case studies are discussed through statistical information and strategies that led to the success or failure of industries. Responsive strategies are also taught to students that could have avoided failure in most of the cases. Thus, students have ample of knowledge about what has happened, what should happen and what should not. They have abilities to propose best growth strategies and thus they become worthy enough for highly paid employment opportunities by renowned organizations.

The unique learning methodology followed by Marwadi University faculties have brought the name of being the best university for B.Com in Rajkot.

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)
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