Here’s how B.Com (Honours) differs from B.Com.

Here’s how B.Com (Honours) differs from B.Com.

All of us would have wondered at least for once that why some courses have similar names, yet they are studied independently. And if you are a commerce student, then B.Com and B.Com (Honours) would have definitely made way into your minds. And that is what we want to discuss today. Usually, when students from commerce stream are planning to go for a B.Com, they are not clear about the difference between B.Com and B.Com (Hons.). And that continues to keep on puzzling them.

However, students do know that the cut-offs for both are different. B.Com (Hons.) have higher cut-offs compared to B.Com. And there are some reasons for it. The field of study for both the courses is the same, but there stand variations as the career scope, structure and learning methodology of both programmes differ.

Let us get into detail and check out the difference between both the courses.

Course Curriculum

Both courses will comprise of same subjects. B.Com Course will give you an outline of all subjects in the commerce stream. B.Com (Hons.) also covers all subjects in the stream. But it facilitates you to specialize in a specific subject in the final year, which is not doable in B.Com. The final year students of B.Com (Hons.) can specialize in subjects like accounting, finance, economics etc.

Course Objective

B.Com will help develop managerial skills and competencies in particular areas of business studies. The program will help you learn the trade and enhance your knowledge by considering all prospects in the field of commerce. B.Com (Hons.) is a complete business-oriented program that will provide in-depth knowledge about the field and help gain business skills. It is a base course for further higher professional studies like CA, CS, ICWA, CFA, CMA, etc.

Eligibility & Admission Criteria 

To seek admission in the first year of both the courses, students must have cleared 10+2. The admissions take place based on the results of the 12th standard. The only difference in admission procedures for both the courses is the cut-offs. The cut-off for B.Com is lower compared to the cut-off for B.Com (Hons.).  

Career Prospects

B.Com course is valued to be more worthy only if the student has pursued master courses like M.Com or MBA in addition to it. Hence, your job opportunities are way better when you have studied an MBA or M.Com. On the contrary, B.Com (Hons.) helps you get good packages compared to B.Com because of the subject specialization it offers. So, along with working as a foundation course for professional courses, B.Com (Hons.) degree has a broad scope for job opportunities in banking, insurance, auditing, finance etc.

Significance of Degree

Students do have job offers after B.Com, but they are not lucrative in terms of the payscale because the value of B.Com is not higher in the market unless they have pursued further business courses. In B.Com (Hons.), the job opportunities and pay scale are far better because the course is highly valued by industry experts.

The bottom line is B.Com and B.Com (Hons.) both are potential programmes to study. Based on your career goals in mind, you should choose one of the two programmes. B.Com works as a foundation course for further studies like M.Com/MBA. While B.Com (Hons.) work as a base for pursuing professional courses like CA. But it also offers lucrative job opportunities.

We at Marwadi University, aim to prepare students to become creative, innovative and highly-productive professionals through our practical learning approach. If planning to study B.Com or B.Com (Hons.), make sure that you choose us. MU has been accredited, with NAAC A+ grade, which assures good quality education and eventually secures the future.

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